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On the trail of the four elements

bike4elements - cycling tour

In the Thermen- & Vulkanland region, the four elements – water, fire, earth and air – have found their home. That’s why the e-bike tours offered in the Thermen- & Vulkanland are dedicated to these four elements.

The history of the Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark goes back millions of years. The hot springs and volcanoes that gave the region its name are mostly no longer visible, but their beneficial effects continue to have a marked influence on Southeast Styria to this day. It is hard to imagine a more diverse region than the Thermen- und Vulkanland Steiermark and its 39 municipalities: hot springs invite you to relax, while the hilly landscapes and cool forests are wonderful places for hiking and cycling – lush green vegetation and fresh air are your constant companions.

The Fantastic Four in the Thermen- und Vulkanland Steiermark – nine tours that revolve entirely around the four elements of water, earth, fire and air. There’s the Water Tour in the north, which takes us past some inviting thermal springs. The Air Tour orbits the Riegersburg like a bird of prey. In the hot Vulkanland is the Fire Tour, snaking through the beautiful scenery. And finally the rugged Earth Tour in the southwest, which brings us close to nature.

In order to appreciate the different faces of the Thermen- und Vulkanland Steiermark, we have divided our four tours into attractive subsections. Those wanting to set themselves a testing physical challenge can combine the tours. That said, each Earth Tour does involve a physically demanding/sporty component. To get your bearings and ensure you never lose track of your destination on our cycling trails, we have assigned a colour to each tour – in honour of the elements, of course – which you will see marked on the signposts.

Water tour(s)

The element of water represents motion and flux – it is vital, refreshing, and renews all life. It also symbolises tranquillity, purification and clarity – maybe in our thoughts too? After all, this e-bike tour is designed to bring you inner peace and stillness, even though you are always on the move. Feel the ever-flowing life as you sail through a landscape brimming with thermal springs. Our tip: We recommend drifting away at one of Styria’s hot springs at the end of your cycling tour – pure bliss.

Water Tour 1 starts in Fürstenfeld and heads north. Passing the beautiful Großsteinbach bathing lake, you will breeze past the thermal spas in Bad Waltersdorf and head back to Fürstenfeld via Burgau and Blumau.

Water Tour 2 starts off as an eventful tour of discovery in East Styria: more specifically, from Bad Waltersdorf via Ebersdorf to Hartberg – have a wander and a rest in the old town – and then back to Bad Waltersdorf via the Loretto Chapel in Mitterberg.

Earth tour(s)

There’s no better element to represent the varied landscapes of the Thermen- und Vulkanland – its rolling hills, vibrant forests and rich greenery are very much of the earth. Earth symbolises living nature in all its shades and shapes; this element also represents growth. You yourself will flourish on an e-bike tour that reminds you just how fascinating nature can be! What are you waiting for? Enjoy an exhilarating ride on the trail of the elements.

Earth Tour 1 starts in Feldbach and runs through the Saßtal valley, up and down a number of hills, to St. Stefan im Rosental and Jagerberg. Return to your starting point in Feldbach via Gnas.

Earth Tour 2 leads past the Liebmannsee swimming lake in Bad Radkersburg on its way to the Röcksee in Mureck. Starting in Gosdorf, the route runs north to Bierbaum am Auersbach, continuing through St. Peter am Ottersbach, Oberrakitsch and Eichfeld, before finally heading back to Gosdorf. Then it’s back to Bad Radkersburg, through the wetlands of the UNESCO biosphere park.


Boundless passion, emotion and intensity – all this encapsulates the element of fire, which is firmly anchored in the region’s history. This e-bike tour takes you through the former land of volcanoes that spewed hot lava millions of years ago and created the Southeast Styria that we know today. Where there’s fire, there’s energy – and you’ll need plenty of that on the tour ahead. But don’t worry: on your way through the multifaceted landscapes there are lots of inns and wine taverns to welcome you in for a rest.

Fire Tour 1 leads from the town of Feldbach to Fehring, and then on to Kapfenstein via the Mühlgraben pond. Passing the spa gardens and the “Therme der Ruhe” spa – past Styrassic Park, it then runs back to Feldbach via the Salzwipfel mountain.

Fire Tour 2 begins in the traditional spa town of Bad Gleichenberg – from here it’s uphill to St. Anna am Aigen. Passing through Tieschen, you will continue to Frutten-Gießelsdorf and then back to Bad Gleichenberg via Stainz and Straden.

Fire Tour 3 runs from the historical old town of Bad Radkersburg, following the R2 trail uphill along the River Mur, passing sleepy villages before arriving in the famous Traminer wine town of Klöch. Finally, return to Bad Radkersburg.


Air is the epitome of flexibility and freedom, so it’s no wonder that we have named one of our tours after this element – freedom in the fresh air is the main feature of your adventure, after all. While you’re exploring the Thermen- und Vulkanland Steiermark on your e-bike, you can feel the fresh breeze in your face, tasting like verdant meadows and deep rich forests. Curiosity is also represented by air – and you’ll experience this in spades as you discover more and more of our wonderful region!

Air Tour 1 runs from Bad Loipersdorf via the spa resort to Unterlamm, and then from Fehring to Riegersburg via Feldbach. The culinary establishments along the way are nearly enough to forget the climbs in Riegersburg; you’ll return to Bad Loipersdorf via Breitenfeld and Söchau.

Air Tour 2 starts in Feldbach and ends in Riegersburg. You’ll pass lots of culinary stop-offs on your way through Breitenfeld and Markt Hartmannsdorf to St. Margarethen an der Raab, before continuing on to Kirchberg and then back to Feldbach.


Admittedly, every single one of our accommodations is a jewel in its own right. A romantic “Weinstöckl” inn in the vineyards or perhaps a cosy hotel with a wellness oasis? Bring on the holiday!

Your temporary new home allows you to craft the perfect blend of e-bike tours, cultural excursions and relaxation. And that’s the way it should be: after all, you should be able to enjoy your stay to the fullest. Our accommodation partners – hotels, winegrower houses, etc. – offer everything the heart could desire: simple elegance and a touch of luxury for good measure. Don’t fancy hopping on an e-bike? No problem! Your accommodation is centrally located, allowing you to explore town and countryside as you please. We’ll happily provide some tips for this too. And in the evening, you can doze peacefully on the sun terrace.


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