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A paradise for fans of cycling with an e-bike

Exploring Hochsteiermark by (e-)bike

An e-bike tour in Hochsteiermark is the perfect opportunity to slow down, enjoy life and discover breathtaking landscapes. The region boasts numerous great routes, ranging from the Hochschwab region to Mürzer Oberland Nature Park. Whether you opt for a route down in the valley or up in the mountains, all of them features an excellent infrastructure for cyclists. For instance, Hochsteiermark boasts a total of 36 charging and battery replacement stations.

Plus, there are many bike-friendly hotels in the region, catering to the special wishes of e-bikers. What’s more, the trails are lined with inviting restaurants, inns and mountain huts. All of them serve local and international delicacies and are perfect places to relax and fuel up for the rest of your ride. Plus, there are several e-bike rental shops all across Hochsteiermark.

E-biking in Hochsteiermark

There are numerous great cycling routes in Hochsteiermark. They range from family-friendly to challenging routes, and run through picturesque valleys and rugged mountain landscapes. Here’s a small selection of the region’s best e-bike routes:

Perfect for families: Mürz Valley cycle path

This beautiful family cycling route almost always runs along the river Mürz. From the starting point in Mürzsteg to the end point in Bruck an der Mur, you cover a total of 68 kilometres, passing through Mürzzuschlag and Peter Rosegger’s Waldheimat region. Along the way, there are plenty of opportunities to visit fascinating attractions.

More details about the Mürz Valley cycle path

The journey continues: Mur cycle path

Are you up for a few more kilometres of river cycline? Then simply continue on the Mur cycle path in Bruck an der Mur! It’s one of the most varied and stunning river cycle paths of the entire Alpine region. It covers a total distance of 453 kilometres, running through diverse landscapes from the Lungau region in Salzburg to Legrad in Croatia. On the route’s first third, you pass through Bruck an der Mur.

More information about the Mur cycle path

Cycling in the mountains: Pretul and Seeberg cycle path

Fans of e-biking can also find an attractive network of cycling routes at Windpark Pretul (near Spital am Semmering). The region boasts 45 kilometres of e-bike and mountain bike trails, with 25 kilometres of trails running through federal forests. The best thing about it: The trails were constructed with great consideration for the environment, with some of them running through sensitive wildlife zones. 
If you’re looking for a challenge, we recommend Seeberg cycle path, which runs from Kapfenberg in the Mürz valley via the Hochschwab region to the pilgrimage site of Mariazell. The route is fairly demanding, but you will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain world.

Our tip: If you’re looking for a more laid-back option, end your e-biking tour in Seewiesen. With a 12 per cent gradient, the subsequent section of the trail up Seebergsattel is quite steep and challenging.

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Other (e-)bike routes in Hochsteiermark

All cycling routes at a glance

Why should you opt for an e-bike?

The answer to this question is hidden in the “e” part of e-biking. On the one hand, the letter refers to the electric motor that assists propulsion. On the other hand, the “e” could also stand for “easy”. After all, that’s what makes riding an e-bike so enjoyable! 

E-bikes …

  • require less effort,
  • make cycling less exhausting,
  • make it easier to master steeper sections and ride for longer.

And that’s not all! E-bikes have even more advantages:

  • When riding in a group, e-bikes can make up for different fitness levels, with those with less stamina simply using more of the electric assistance. Our tip: The 13-kilometre circular trail through the Streuobst region surrounding Kindberg and Stanz is a great e-bike tour for families. The tour starts and ends in Kindberg.
  • Cycling with a small child in a child seat can be pretty exhausting. E-bikes make it easier to cover greater distances and ride for longer – especially if there are some steeper sections like those of the varied BergRadRunde route up Falkensteinalm.

Sounds interesting? A holiday in the mountain world of Hochsteiermark is the perfect opportunity to rent an e-bike and explore the region on a short or long ride.

© TV Hochsteiermark | Tom Lamm
© TV Hochsteiermark | Tom Lamm

Important: Know your facts

Before your first tour, there are a few things you should keep in mind. For one, you should know the following about your e-bike:

  • How does the motor work?
  • How do you close the motor or replace it? 
  • How do you charge your e-bike?

But don’t worry: The staff at Hochsteiermark’s hotels, bicycle shops and e-bike rental shops are always happy to instruct you before your ride. And with a bit of basic knowledge, there’s nothing keeping you from a laid-back e-bike tour through the amazing green heart of Austria!

Bett+Bike partners

The perfect accommodation for e-bikers

After a long, eventful day of riding your e-bike, there’s nothing better than to return to an inviting accommodation with good food and friendly hosts. However, cyclists often have special needs and wishes. That’s why the “Bett+Bike” accommodation providers of Hochsteiermark specialise in bike-loving guests. Accommodation options include hotels and private rentals, all of them offering special all-round packages for e-bike holidays.

All “Bett+Bike” partners of the ADFC (German Cyclist’s Association) offer the following services:

  • secure storage for e-bikes and bicycles
  • drying rooms for wet clothing
  • a comprehensive cyclists‘ breakfast to fuel up for the day
  • help with repairs and damages, either on site or at a nearby bicycle shop

In total, Hochsteiermark boasts nine “Bett+Bike” partners, plus many more bike-friendly accommodation providers.

By the way: Even if you only stay for one night, you will benefit from the entire service range.

If you can’t get a room at a “Bett+Bike“ hotel, there are many more bike-friendly accommodation providers in Hochsteiermark who offer additional services for e-bikers.

43 charging stations for e-bikes

Unlike standard bicycles, e-biked need to be charged on a regular basis. Fortunately, Hochsteiermark boasts a total of 43 charging stations for e-bikes.

E Mobilität Stadtwerke Kapfenberg
  • open today
  • Kapfenberg

E-Bikeverleih der Stadtwerke Kapfenberg GmbH

Electric bike rental
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E-Bike Ladestation Gasthof Schlagobersbauer | © Gasthof Schlagobersbauer
  • Krieglach

Ladestation Gasthof Schlagobersbauer

Free e-bike charging station from Bike Energy in the bikeregion Mürztal.
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Ladestation Stadtamt Mürzzuschlag | © TV Hochsteiermark
  • Mürzzuschlag

Ladestation Stadtamt Mürzzuschlag

Free e-bike charging station from Bike Energy in the bikeregion Mürztal.
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E-Bike Ladestation Fußgängerzone
  • Kindberg

E-Bike Station Fußgängerzone

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Ladestation von Bike Energy | © Bike Energy
  • Mürzzuschlag

Ladestation Roseggerhaus

Free e-bike charging station from Bike Energy in the bikeregion Mürztal.
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Ladestation von Bike Energy | © Bike Energy
  • St. Barbara im Mürztal

Ladestation GH Scheikl Brunnalm

Free e-bike charging station from Bike Energy in the bikeregion Mürztal.
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Ladestation von Bike Energy | © Bike Energy
  • Mürzzuschlag

Ladestation Südbahn Museum

Free e-bike charging station from Bike Energy in the bikeregion Mürztal.
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Ladestation von Bike Energy | © Bike Energy
  • Langenwang

Ladestation Granitzbauer

Free e-bike charging station from Bike Energy in the bikeregion Mürztal.
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Ladestation ebock | © TV Hochsteiermark
  • Mürzzuschlag

Ladestation ebock

In addition to the free e-bike charging station from Bike Energy, various e-bikes can also be borrowed from ebock.
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Turmwirt | © Gasthof Turmwirt
  • Kindberg

E-Bike Station GH Turmwirt

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to know

The battery of an e-bike usually lasts for an average of 130 to 200 kilometres, depending on the individual model. In general, using less electric assistance will maximise the distance your electric bike can travel on a charge. What’s more, a ride through the mountains of the Waldheimat region will probably use up more battery than a leisurely cruise along the gently sloping Mürz Valley cycle path. So don’t forget to regularly charge your electric bike!

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