Teufelstein in Fischbach in Eastern Styria | © Tourismus Fischbach | Marianne Dornhofer Teufelstein in Fischbach in Eastern Styria | © Tourismus Fischbach | Marianne Dornhofer
Experience Styrian heartiness


The Joglland-Waldheimat region lies between the Wechsel mountain range, Rabenwaldkogel and Masenberg. Peter Rosegger the poet spent parts of his life here as well.

The legend of how the Joglland got its name, which goes back to Empress Maria Theresa, shows that it is an ancient cultivated landscape. At the time, many men were named after St James, the patron saint of pilgrims. Thus the land around St. Jakob was and remains a land of pilgrims and a vast alpine garden to boot, enwrought by archaic mountains and alpine pastures, clear brooks, deep gorges, dark forests and sunlit fields, numerous historic and religious sites, cult places and subterranean passages. This mystic landscape alone reveals why the first major forest clearing operations in medieval times set out to make the surrounding land usable, led for instance by the monastery of canons in Vorau.

Signposting of the bike tour "Der große Jogl" in Eastern Styria | © (c) Klaus Ranger | Klaus Ranger

"Grosser Jogl" luggage transport

To enjoy the 187-kilometre tour “Der große Jogl” without being weighed down by excess baggage, the Joglland – Waldheimat region offers luggage transport. The luggage is transported from the start to the next booked milestone, reaching the accommodations by 5 pm at the latest. No matter where the tour starts and where each stage ends, the “Große Jogl” leads you to the most beautiful destinations and magnificent lookouts. We want to see you biking!

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Discover the best destinations

If you love action, the Trail Land in Miesenbach is made for you. It features six exciting trails. There are plenty of stations for explorers to discover in the Kräftereich. If you have a sweet tooth, you are sure to get your money’s worth at Felber Schokoladen.

Get active in the Joglland-Waldheimat

If you want to see some action, we have a hot tip for you: The mountain bike trail “Der große Jogl”. Ride across country from one community to the next. You can enjoy this tour over the course of several days. Get to know the country and its people even better. The Fischbacher Alps in our country’s north are not only suited for professional cyclists. Many bicycle trails were designed especially for families, letting you enjoy a relaxed cycling trip.

There are many possibilities in the Joglland-Waldheimat for those who prefer to travel on foot as well. Numerous hiking trails are waiting to be discovered, crossing lush pastures with grazing cows in the summer and letting you immerse yourself in nature. The Teufelstein Fischbach is a storied highlight. A glorious hike along the Mariazell pilgrim’s way takes you to the Teufelstein. The panorama is indescribable.

Experience the Joglland-Waldheimat

The Joglland-Waldheimat region is extremely varied. It offers numerous possibilities for getting to know the region, both in summer and winter. As you walk through the communities, along gentle hills or on imposing lookouts – here, nature reveals its powers.