Morning mood in spring in Eastern Styria | © Oststeiermark Tourismus | Christine Schwetz Morning mood in spring in Eastern Styria | © Oststeiermark Tourismus | Christine Schwetz
Spring delight in Austrias garden


When the splendid dress of flowers in lavish abundance inspires the joy of life, spring is here. In Eastern Styria, this is a natural spectacle that touches and enchants. At clearings in the forest, on alpine meadows and in the orchards nature trumps with convincing staging. The senses have their joy.

Spring doesn't get any more beautiful than this...  Styria is the green heart of Austria. Eastern Styria is Austria's garden. Mild temperatures tempt here already at the beginning of March. Warming sunrays tickle the nose, the clear air refreshes body and soul. The first long walks and hikes in the picturesque hill country up to lofty heights with a view of the expanse of the landscape invigorate. Get out into nature! Best medicine, works immediately. Eastern Styria does you good.


In the new spring brochure of the Erlebnisregion Oststeiermark you will find the latest information, event tips, excursion destinations and top vacation offers.

Get to know the adventure routes Styrian Flower Route, Styrian Apple Route, Eastern Styrian Roman Wine Route, Castle Route and
the Music Route and plan your next stay in the Garden of Austria.

The diverse landscapes of Eastern Styria make for a unique vacation region.

Welcome to the Garden of Austria.

Flowering apple tree in apple orchard in the Eastern Styria | © TV Oststeiermark | die mosbachers
The new spring brochure of Eastern Styria | © Oststeiermark Tourismus
Apfelblüte in der Oststeiermark | © Oststeiermark Tourismus, Luckerbauer
Apple blossom | © TV Oststeiermark | Eva Luckerbauer


Experience the blossoming in the garden of Austria: let yourself go and discover the beautiful natural diversity of Eastern Styria. Where the spring knotweed, the apple and stag pear blossom, the crocus and dandelion as well as the chess flower slowly awaken from their winter sleep, you can also start to blossom yourself again. Walks on balmy spring days, a bike ride in warmer temperatures invite you to enjoy.

For tight calves


When spring announces itself, it's time to start cycling in Eastern Styria. The first tours challenge and awaken the spirits. From the joy of speed on the trails, from the secret of slowness along circular tours and from the knowledge that happiness has two wheels: In Eastern Styria, in Austria's garden, one gets philosophical while cycling. While being on the road on one of the eventful bike tours, the realization sets in: In Velo Veritas!

On the track of nature


A region with lush alpine pastures, gentle hills and secluded forests, fabulous power spots and panoramic viewpoints reveals itself as a paradise on earth. In spring, the awakening of nature is refreshment for the soul. Nature gives itself all the honor. Raise the curtain! The spectacle begins. Buds stretch and stretch, fruit trees blossom in full splendor, fresh green turns into a variety of colors. For nature lovers and exercise enthusiasts, the spring awakening in Austria's garden is an adventure.