Flower basket with dandelions in eastern Styria | © TV Oststeiermark | Maria Rauchberger Flower basket with dandelions in eastern Styria | © TV Oststeiermark | Maria Rauchberger

Styrian Flower Road

The region’s most beautiful floral villages are joined by the Styrian Flower Road, offering up an unrivalled paradise of blossoms. Enjoy the colourful splendour and friendly flower lovers on the way through St. Jakob im Walde, Wenigzell, Vorau, Mönichwald, Pöllauberg, St. Lorenzen am Wechsel, Strallegg, Miesenbach, St. Kathrein am Offenegg, Hartberg and Fischbach. Regale yourself with the luxuriance of flowers and blossoms maintained by the residents and many volunteers.

Flower bed on the Styrian Flower Rroad | © TV Oststeiermark | Birgit Kandlbauer

A sea of flowers

The Styrian Flower Road was established in 1990 and the first flower parade was held one year later. The Sovereigns of the Styrian Flower Road appearing in dirndl dresses named after the scenic route were first crowned in the same year.
A journey along what is surely Eastern Styria’s most floral tourist route is truly a special indulgence, and not only because of the flowers, gardens and landscape. The warm and friendly hosts, attractive excursion destinations and culinary delights also contribute to a varied trip through a colourful and flourishing landscape.

More information

Communities of the Flower Road

11 floral villages united to form the Styrian Flower Road. Most of them are prizewinners in Styria’s state floral decoration contest and some have already won awards in the European “Entente Florale” competition.

Gardens along the Flower ROad

Aside from the magnificence of flowers, each of the 11 floral villages features numerous other attractions and destinations, such as the Pöllauberger pilgrimage church, Vorau Abbey or the Kräftereich St. Jakob im Walde. The GenussCard is a special offer for Eastern Styria. After the first night’s stay with a GenussCard partner, it allows you to explore more than 240 destinations in three regions at no charge. You also enjoy numerous benefits with the bonus partners. If you want to learn more about flowers and herbs, visit the Sulamith Garden, relax by the “Blumenpfau” flower peacock in the Mönichwalder Park or take part in various herb workshops.

Flower Parade

The flower parade is held in a member community every two years. Numerous colourful flower floats made by hand are presented, inviting you to a veritable flower festival. The next flower parade is being held on 10 September 2023.

Get inspired

The Styrian Flower Road with its various gardens and parks invites you to linger and enjoy. Stroll through the floral villages at your leisure, enjoy culinary delights of the hosts or visit the various excursion destinations. You may also encounter flower lovers here and there, looking after the floral arrangements.

Europapark in St. Jakob im Walde
Flowers at Europapark in St. Jakob im Walde | © TV Oststeiermark | Birgit Kandlbauer
Blumenpfau in Mönichwald | © Tourismusverein Mönichwald / Rauchenberger
Flower peacock in Mönichwald | © Tourismusverein Mönichwald | Maria Rauchenberger
Schlosspark in Hartberg | © Bernhard Bergmann
Hartberg Castle Park in Eastern Styria | © TV Oststeiermark | Bernhard Bergmann