Wine, apple, pumpkin: elixirs of Styrian people. | © Steiermark Tourismus | Harry Schiffer Wine, apple, pumpkin: elixirs of Styrian people. | © Steiermark Tourismus | Harry Schiffer
Enjoying in Eastern Styria

Autumn pleasure

In autumn, when the colorful play of colors spoils the eye, experiences close to nature under the open sky get under the skin. The gaze expands and the thoughts become light as a feather. The vacation heart laughs, life feels good.

In the harmonious harmony of nature and pleasure, vacations in eastern Styria are pure bliss. A culinary tour, from the rustic Buschenschank to the award-winning Hauben restaurant, freshly harvested from the garden of Austria and traditional recipes, creatively refined, seduce to enjoyable flights of fancy. Where vacation goes through the stomach, collecting bonus points for your own happiness account is easy. A breeze of spicy air rounds off with active enjoyment while hiking and cycling pleasantly seasoned.

Guide to happiness in Austria's garden

Dive into pure life

Fertile landscapes, nurtured and cared for by the hands of farmers, are the hallmark of eastern Styria. In the cycle of nature, the big picture is kept in mind with care. The harvest is rich. The palate is delighted with premium delights ranging from apple with abacus, the finest noble brandy made to a closely guarded recipe, to delicate apple risotto. In the Pöllauer Tal Nature Park, the Hirschbirn, an old Styrian variety, thrives in meadow orchards under the best conditions. Hirschbirn brandy, Hirschbirn liver cheese, to refine sweets of any kind, the origin-protected Pöllauer Hirschbirne gives the authentic touch.

Vacation in Austria's garden is a sensual pleasure, which was already celebrated in epicurean times. After all, the Romans are considered the first promoters of wine culture in the region. Today, it is the winegrowers along the East Styrian Roman Wine Route who are the ones who understand the culture of wine and hospitality. It should be noted: stopping at a traditional Buschenschank is only possible at certain times. If the Buschen is ausg'steckt by bundled branches, then wine is poured out. This is the custom. In a contemporary form, the virtual Buschenschank calendar informs about the current opening hours of the Buschenschänken.

Beef salad in Eastern Styria | © TV Oststeiermark | Bernhard Bergmann
© Steiermark Tourismus | Harry Schiffer
Kastanien und Sturm | © Oststeiermark Tourismus, Rene Strasser
Chestnuts and storm | © TV Oststeiermark | Bernhard Bergmann

The panorama is the goal. Just start hiking, immerse yourself in the variety of landscapes, enjoy eastern Styria from above.

From classic turn-of-the-century lookout towers to landmarks steeped in history, lookout towers offer wonderful views as well as a wide variety of interesting architecture.

Handpicked from Austria's garden


Where the rhythm of nature sets the pace, regional delicacies simply taste better. With a lot of love, they are refined on the basis of old recipes. Contemporary eating styles always in mind, the palate is surprised with culinary innovations. The high handicraft quality ranks among the best which the garden of Austria has to offer. Directly at the producer may be tasted.