Leopoldsteinersee lake at Eisenerz | © Steiermark Tourismus | Harry Schiffer Leopoldsteinersee lake at Eisenerz | © Steiermark Tourismus | Harry Schiffer
A unique natural treasure in Eisenerz

Lake Leopoldsteinersee

“Wenn ich den See seh‘, brauch ich kein Meer mehr” (Engl. "When I see the lake, I don't need the sea anymore."). This well-known quote perfectly captures the sentiment when marvelling at the beauty of Lake Leopoldsteinersee. Approximately 30,000 people seem to agree, as they voted the lake the most beautiful lake in Styria.

The Styrian mountain lake is a true natural treasure with its emerald-green water surface reflecting the rock faces of the Hochschwab mountain range. The lake is pristine, natural, and fed by spring water from the surrounding mountains. It received its name because of its proximity to Leopoldstein Castle.

By the way: Legend has it that a water sprite was caught in the vicinity of the lake. In order to be released, he showed his captors an iron ore deposit: Erzberg, only a few kilometres away.

Leisure activities at the lake

Around it, in it, above it or on it – there are numerous possibilities for leisure activities at the lake:

  • The hiking trail around the lake boasts stunning scenic views. You’ll start your hike directly at the car park. From there, hikers can explore the picturesque surroundings clockwise at their own pace for almost 4 kilometres.
  • On hot summer days, excursionists can cool off with a swim in Lake Leopoldsteinersee. With a maximum water temperature of 20 °C, you’re guaranteed a refreshing dip.
  • You can enjoy wonderful hours of sunshine on the lake aboard electric boats, pedal boats, and rowing boats. The boats are available for hire during the summer months (daily from 10:00 to 18:00).
  • Watching the crystal-clear water from a bird's eye view is possible from the Kaiser Franz Josef via ferrata. The challenging via ferrata in difficulty level D is well secured but requires stamina. Once at the top, climbers are rewarded with a unique view.

Refreshing tip: Lake Leopoldsteinersee is the perfect place to cool off along the popular "From Glacier to Wine" hiking route!

Delightful moments at Lake Leopoldsteinersee

Located at an ideal location, both Leopoldsteinersee Restaurant and Seestüberl on the eastern shore welcome their guests, serving them regional delicacies such as Steirerkasnockn and other classics of Austrian cuisine. A special treat is the lake trout caught at Lake Leopoldsteinersee. This speciality is served at Seestüberl and delights the palates of fish lovers.

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