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Adventures on Erzberg in Leoben

The largest pyramid in the world sits enthroned amidst the Eisenerz Alps: Ore has been mined at Erzberg for more than 1,300 years already, giving the mountain its current shape. Experiencing ore mining live and up close is an adventure you shouldn’t miss!


Erzberg is located – as its name suggests – in the Eisenerz Alps, and at its foot lies the town of Eisenerz. The mountain is the largest siderite deposit on earth with the largest and, above all, the most modern open-cast ore mine in Central Europe.

Erzberg also owes its striking appearance to this open-cast mine. Today, mining is carried out exclusively on the surface: The mine is divided into a total of 40 open pit levels with an average height of 20 to 24 metres. That’s why the mountain is now often also referred to as the "largest pyramid in the world".

Adventurous rides in the world's largest taxis:


Visitors can get to know Erzberg on a taxi ride of the unusual kind. In a Hauly, a converted heavy-duty truck with 1217 hp, you’ll drive right through the open-cast mine. Crossing the various levels of Erzberg, passengers reach even the most remote parts of the mountain. From the scenic-view platform, they can watch miners go about their daily work. And the happenings on Erzberg are particularly eventful on Thursdays when visitors can witness a live blasting.

Tip: With the combination ticket of the Erzbergbahn association, the Hauly tour and a ride on the Erzbergbahn can be combined.

Mystical show mine

On a tour through the show mine, visitors learn about the underground labyrinth of Erzberg and the working world of miners in the past and present. They also find out interesting facts about the history of Erzberg's origins – and about the mysterious legend of a water sprite: He is said to have lived in a grotto near Lake Leopoldsteinersee and was held captive by the iron miners. He tried to regain his freedom by offering them the ore of Erzberg.

Those who want to find out what it’s like to be a pitman can try their hand at broaches, troughs, and pneumatic drills.

Oswaldirücken open-air exhibition

The extensive area of the Oswaldirücken open-air exhibition, situated at 878 metres above sea level, invites visitors to take an insightful and fascinating stroll directly on Erzberg. Winding paths lead along the Eisenstraße (Iron Road) and over a green hill. That’s where you’ll discover vestiges of the miners’ lives from the 18th century.

The following exhibits can be viewed: a water basin, a 1,000-metre stone, shaft cranes, overhead shovel loaders, electric excavators and more.

Regional delicacies around Erzberg

Gourmets can taste a wide range of culinary delights around Erzberg:

  • After an adventurous Hauly ride, various restaurants invite you to stop by for a bite to eat.
  • Local delicacies to take home with you are available at Erzhoamat farm shop.

Experiences around Erzberg

The area around Erzberg offers a variety of opportunities to spend an eventful day all year round. The options include hiking, cycling, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing surrounded by impressive mountain scenery, as well as the town of Eisenerz with its eight museums.

Events on Erzberg

The impressive Erzberg is also a popular venue for events. Every year, events take place where off-road fans as well as sports enthusiasts experience wild adventures. These include the famous Erzbergrodeo or the Erzberg Adventure Days.

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Erzberg for groups

School trips, team events or private group trips: The options for adventures on and around Erzberg are perfectly suited for group trips. To ensure that nothing gets in the way of an exciting day, it is advisable to book the desired experiences in advance and in due time. The team of ERZBERG LEOBEN will be happy to assist you in planning your trip.

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