Eating and drinking at the lake Altausseer See (Ausseerland - Salzkammergut) | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm Eating and drinking at the lake Altausseer See (Ausseerland - Salzkammergut) | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm
Enjoy Styria regionally

Experience the “Kulinarium Steiermark“

Fine-dining restaurants, inns and traditional mountain huts – all of them treat their guests to a vast selection of Styrian delicacies. More than 150 “Kulinarium Steiermark” partners use regional ingredients to create outstanding dishes. With their culinary expertise, they expertly showcase the many different faces of Styrian cuisine. Alongside culinary delights, they treat guests to a dose of heartfelt hospitality and the true taste of the green heart of Austria.

Styrian hosts between glacier and wine-growing region

The taste of Styria

À la Steak carte Restaurant "GenussReich" | © Rogner Bad Blumau
  • Bad Blumau

À la Steak carte Restaurant "GenussReich"

In the à la steak carte restaurant you can enjoy a variety of steak specialities. Eat with a clear conscience and the...
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Naturhotel Bauernhofer_Haus_Oststeiermark | © Naturhotel Bauernhofer / Eisenberger
  • Anger

Restaurant im Naturhotel Bauernhofer

Wild garlic in spring, mushrooms and blackberries in summer, game in autumn and herb varieties in winter - nature in...
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Schloss Farrach
  • Zeltweg

Schloßtaverne - Schloss Farrach

3 bonnets of gastronomy that invites you to dream and linger. Enjoy the Tuscan ambience, relax in the dreamy castle...
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  • Schladming-Rohrmoos-Pichl

Restaurant-Cafe Braunhofer

Restaurant-Cafe on foot from the Hochwurzen
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Staribacher_1 | © Hotel-Restaurant Staribacher
  • Leibnitz

Hotel-Restaurant Staribacher

Family charm The Staribacher stands for refined, fine Styrian cuisine in the best sense. Sit back and relax in the...
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Singerhauser Hütte | © Singerhauser Hütte
  • Bad Mitterndorf


The Singerhauserhütte is a small rustic hut, in the middle of the forest, suitable for cozy hours or boisterous...
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Knödelzeit_Haus_Oststeiermark | © Tourismusverband Oststeiermark / Christine Pollhammer
  • Passail

Gasthof Schrenk Knödelzeit

At Gasthof Schrenk, everything revolves around dumplings - that's why it's also called "Dumpling Time". A wide variety...
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  • Mariazell

Brauhaus Mariazell

We serve traditionel local food!
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Aussenansicht | © Christa Wimberger
  • Bad Waltersdorf

Gasthof Safenhof**** Haubenrestaurant

The culinary insider tip for gourmets! Exquisite food in a stylish ambience, culinary delicacies prepared and arranged...
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Andreas Kraxner | © Jean Van Luelik Photographer
  • Fehring

Gasthof Kraxner

At Gasthof Kraxner in Hatzendorf, fresh products from the region always find their way into the cooking pot. The...
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Gasthof Scheer
  • Bad Gleichenberg

Gasthof Scheer

Delicacies and specialties from the Styrian and Austrian cuisine are served at Gasthof Scheer. Home-cooked meals, a...
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Genussgasthof Willenshofer_Familie_Oststeiermark | © Genussgasthof Willenshofer/Hofer Franz
  • St. Kathrein am Hauenstein

Genussgasthof Willenshofer

In the "Genussgasthof Willenshofer" in St. Kathrein am Hauenstein, head-chef Stefan perfectly combines Styrian seasonal...
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Styrian cuisine: regional and seasonal

The true taste of Styria is what the “Kulinarium Steiermark” restaurants are after. With plenty of passion and creativity, they create regional and seasonal dishes – whether it’s up at a mountain hut without electricity or at a three-star restaurant.

The “Kulinarium Steiermark” businesses even have their own quality seal, the “green heart”. This quality seal is based on ten special “enjoyment rules”. Among others, they include use of local ingredients with a verifiable origin as well as cooking in line with the seasons.

What’s more, “Kulinarium Steiermark“ sees participating chefs as ambassadors of good taste, treating their guests to exquisite moments of indulgence by way of top-class regional dishes.

Take a pinch of passion and add to it a bit of deliciousness and Styrian hospitality and what you get is a tasteful stay in Styria!

The 10 enjoyment rules of “Kulinarium Steiermark”

Kulinarium Steiermark ...

  • ... seeks to establish the green heart of Austria as an appealing destination for gourmets and foodies.
  • ... sees itself as a partner for all those who offer fresh products and distinctive taste at the intersection of tradition and state-of-the-art cuisine.
  • ... guarantees a uniform, authentic cuisine across Styria.
  • ... is aware that good Styrian cuisine cannot succeed without respectful partnerships between Styrian chefs and the region’s farmers and producers.
  • ... encourages guests to enjoy pioneering, creative Styrian cuisine.
  • ... promotes “culinary craftsmanship“ that produces ingredients for authentic Styrian dishes and at the same time creates new traditions.
  • ... seeks to make a contribution to joy of life by means of a healthy diet revolving around high-quality, tasty ingredients and a cultivated dining culture.
  • ... is committed to the claim “from the region, for the region“.
  • ... relies on dealers who assemble their product range locally and simply sell “good stuff”.
  • ... sees chefs as sustainable „ambassadors of good taste“.

The perfect combination for new taste compositions

Partners in the region

If you put together regional producers with “Kulinarium Steiermark” partners, you get a perfect combination for new culinary experiences securing the future of local producers and gourmet businesses alike. What’s more, guests benefit from this combination because of the many Styrian culinary masterpieces that result from it.

Delicious products straight from Styria’s nature

Perfect conditions and highly motivated agricultural businesses make Styria’s fields particularly prosperous. Apples, pumpkins and grapes are well-known regional products that local restaurants use to create their exquisite dishes.

What’s more, many guests take home pumpkin seed oil, wine or other local produce as culinary souvenirs from their holiday in Styria.