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800 kilometres of pilgrimage pleasure

Hemma Pilgrimage Route

In honour of St. Hemma, one of the pilgrimage routes in Styria leads in seven stages from Admont Abbey to Gurk in Carinthia. In principle, the Hemma Pilgrimage Route can be walked from all directions. And each of the eight routes invites you to recharge your batteries amidst an impressive landscape, feel inspired, and find yourself.

Even if numerous sights await you along the pilgrimage route: One of the highlights is certainly the crossing of the Lower Tauern mountain range via Glattjoch, with the stage's endpoint in Oberwölz. The latter is the smallest town in Styria and an absolute cultural gem in the middle of the Alps due to its history and well-preserved town wall.

8 pilgrimage routes with one destination

Strictly speaking, the name "Hemma Pilgrimage Route" is not quite correct. In fact, we are speaking of a whole network of star-shaped routes that cover a total of around 800 kilometres. Pilgrims start at eight different starting points, but the destination is the same for all of them: the small town of Gurk, where Saint Hemma was laid to rest in the cathedral crypt.

While the first route leads from Sveta Ana over the Loibl Pass, the second runs from Crna na Koroskem via Seeberg to Gurk. With the Abbey of Ossiach, the Collegiate Church of Millstatt, the Palatine Church of Karnburg and the Turracher Höhe, there are four starting points in Carinthia. Those who would like to start their pilgrimage in Styria have two options: Either they start out on the main route from Admont via Lambrecht Abbey, or they set out on their journey from St. Hemma near Edelschrott to Gurk.

Is this pilgrimage route the right one for you? 

The Hemma Pilgrimage Route is the right one for all those who ...

  • ... would like to start their pilgrimage at the largest abbey library in the world, in the impressive Admont Abbey.
  • ... are interested in combining their pilgrimage with a crossing of the Alps.
  • ... can hardly wait to learn more about the history of St. Hemma.

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