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A unique pilgrimage experience

Way of St. James

Every pilgrim is familiar with the Way of St. James. Since the 11th century, pilgrims from all over the world have been visiting the alleged tomb of the Apostle James in Santiago de Compostela. What was originally (just) the main traffic axis of northern Spain is now a wide network of routes through half of Europe.

Just imagine: Your feet carry you further and further and, at some point, the steady movement becomes second nature ... In addition to a different kind of self-awareness, the West Styrian Way of St. James offers a unique experience of nature's beauty.

The Way of St. James in Western Styria

The West Styrian Way of St. James was opened on 25 July 2010. The main route starts at the St. James Parish Church in Thal near Graz. From there, the route leads via St. Pankrazen to the St. James Church in the small village of Geistthal. As an alternative to the main route, pilgrims have the option of choosing the abbey in Seckau as their starting point. On a total of eight daily stages, the route leads through the Lipizzanerland (home of the Lipizzans) and the Schilcherland to Lavamünd in Carinthia. There, the West Styrian Way of St. James meets the section coming from Slovenia.

Tip: A pilgrim's pass is available from the Association for the Promotion of the Styrian Way of St. James for a five euro contribution towards expenses. Simply fill out the contact form, click send and pay for the pass. Once your payment has been received, the pilgrim's pass will be sent to you in the mail. Order your pilgrim's pass right away!

Is the Way of St. James the right pilgrimage route for you? 

The Way of St. James is the right pilgrimage route for all those who ...

  • ... would like to walk Europe's most famous pilgrimage route.
  • ... are looking forward to feeling the magic of nature and faith on Styrian soil or even crossing borders.
  • ... are curious about the enchanting villages, amazing places of power and numerous sights between Thal near Graz and the village of Soboth.

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