Hiking route Hirschbirnweg, direction Rabenwald - Touren-Impression #1 | © Oststeiermark Tourismus Hiking route Hirschbirnweg, direction Rabenwald - Touren-Impression #1 | © Oststeiermark Tourismus

Hirschbirnweg, direction Rabenwald

The Hirschbirn hiking trail towards Rabenwald is family-friendly and designed as a circular hiking trail. Enjoy the fantastic views of the beauty of the region.
...why Hirschbirn trail?

The Pöllau Valley Nature Park is often referred to as the home of the "Hirschbirne" pear. This pear is an old Styrian variety, whose name is derived from the word "fall" ("Hiascht"), as it can only be harvested from mid-October. In the Pöllau Valley, large stands of the trees are still preserved - thanks to the foresight of the farmers.The delicacies from the Hirschbirne such as juice, brandy, vinegar, jelly and vitamin-rich Kletzen (dried pears) are available alongside many other regional products in the farm store on the main square in Pöllau; or simply visit our farmers on their farms at home: you can get the addresses of our direct marketers at the tourist office.

Find out more about the Hirschbirn pear and the nature park at the Hirschbirn hirsch'n information station in Pöllau Castle Park and at the two stations (at the Schweighofer wine tavern and at the Laschet family) along the route (there are 7 stations in total).



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12,3 km
4:00 h
460 hm
460 hm
751 m
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Pöllau, castle park
Pöllau - Gleichweit nursery - Ziagl's Laube (Schweighofer wine tavern) - Halthansl (Ringhofer)
  • Starting from the signposts (near the Parkcafe) in the castle park, we head south through the park.
  • In the Ziegelofengasse we come across the red-white-red marking no. 923 and the green signs "Hirschbirnweg", which we follow for orientation.Passing the school center and the cemetery, we stay on the state road 432.
  • Shortly after the Gleichweit nursery, we turn left into the forest.
  • After the ascent through the forest, we arrive on the road and have the opportunity to visit the Schweighofer "Ziagl's Laube" wine tavern (note opening times). Then we follow the road uphill to the crossroads on the "Halt" and hike uphill towards NW along the Rabenwaldstraße (L432), marked red-white-red.

Halthansl (Ringhofer) - Höllmüllner (Heil family)

  • After approx. 500 m we leave the Rabenwaldstraße, turn left and shortly afterwards continue to the right (marker no. 923 and signs "Hirschbirnweg").
  • We walk through a forest and along numerous pear trees to the driveway of the Retter family farm. Following the markings, we head uphill to the farm Heil, vulgo Höllmüllner or Öllerbauer. Here the paths divide: the Hirschbirnenweg trail continues to the left, trail no. 923 (red-white-red) to the right.

Höllmüllner (Heil family) - Schwaighof - Haidenwaldturm - Pöllau

  • From the Heil farm we follow the signs "Hirschbirnweg" to the Laschet family farm with the Hirschbirnallee.
  • The path leads along newly planted deer pear and chestnut trees down across the meadow and along a section of road to the junction with the municipal road. After crossing the Lambach stream, we follow the signposted path northwards, which leaves the road at the bend near the Felberbauer estate.
  • Shortly before the observation tower in the Haidenwald forest, we meet path no. 944 (red-white-red), which we also use to return to our starting point at the Pöllau castle.
Visit the scenic diversity of the Pöllau Valley Nature Park

Plan enough time to enjoy the culinary delicacies

Timetables and travel information can be found on the website of the Austrian Federal Railways or at Verkehrsauskunft Verbundlinie.

For local transportation we recommend the SAM-Sammeltaxi Oststeiermark. Please book in good time!

Pöllau Castle Park

P&R at the Pöllau bypass

Information about the region, places to stop for refreshments and overnight accommodation, excursion destinations etc. can be found here:

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Kompass Map, Hiking Map Nature Park Pöllauer Valley 1:30,000

Find out about maps, hiking brochures and other tour tips at the tourist office. You can also order information material on our website from the comfort of your own home.

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Rother hiking guide "Oststeiermark - Von den Fischbacher Alpen bis in die Thermenregion", 50 tours, Elisabeth Zienitzer & Silvia Sarcletti paperback, ISBN-10, 376334577 available in bookshops


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Pöllau (421m)

5 km/h
10 km/h
5 km/h
Showers and persistent rain. Also a chance of thunderstorms towards evening.
5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Unsettled weather throughout the day with showers now and then.
11°C 21°C
11°C 22°C
11°C 23°C
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