Theme path Masenberg forest nature trail, Pöllauberg - short version - Touren-Impression #1 | © Oststeiermark Tourismus Theme path Masenberg forest nature trail, Pöllauberg - short version - Touren-Impression #1 | © Oststeiermark Tourismus

Masenberg forest nature trail, Pöllauberg - short version

The Masenberg forest nature trail is an interactive educational trail in the Pöllau Valley Nature Park ...
... whose stations are explained in videos or on boards along the way.

There is a long and a short version of the forest nature trail. The longer version starts at the Hotel Muhr, the short version at the refuge on the Masenberg.

In addition to a separate brochure, there is also an interactive video guide for smartphones. It is advisable to install the videos on your device beforehand. Information can be obtained from the tourist office on tel. 03335 4210 and the Pöllauer Tal Nature Park Association on tel. 03335 3740.Video downloads from "youtube" (keyword Videolehrweg) or using the QR code on the information board and folder.



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3,8 km
2:00 h
280 hm
280 hm
1257 m
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Masenberg, parking lot
Masenberg - Lüßwaldsattel
  • At the parking lot near the refuge close to the summit, an information board indicates the start of the forest nature trail, which is marked with yellow dots. A map on the back of the board provides information about the Pöllau Valley Nature Park.
  • On the Masenberg summit (1261 m) above the refuge and the Glückskapelle, the first stop on the forest nature trail invites you to linger before following the red-white-red markings no. 913 and the forest nature trail to the Lüßwaldsattel saddle.Shortly before the Lüßwaldsattel, we come to station 2.

Lüßwaldsattel - Dorfhansl chapel

  • Once we reach the Lüßwaldsattel, we follow trail no. 941 in the direction of Pöllau and the "Waldlehrpfad" sign. The well-maintained forest path leads us to the Dorfhansl chapel, just behind the signpost. From here, the shorter trail of the forest nature trail leads up to the starting point on the Masenberg (yellow dot), the longer trail (blue dot) continues to the Hotel Muhr.

Dorfhansl chapel - fork in the trail 942 - Masenberg

  • From the Dorfhanslkapelle chapel, we follow the forest nature trail along the forest road towards Pöllauberg and reach the 4th station of the forest nature trail at the edge of the path.
  • Continuing along the slightly ascending to flat path, we reach the fork with the Masenbergweg and station 5.
  • From here, we head back uphill to our starting point on the Masenberg - we follow hiking trail no. 942 and the markings of the forest nature trail.
Visit the Chapel of Happiness, which was bought at auction in 2008 and rebuilt next to the refuge, for a prayer.
Timetables and travel information can be found at Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB) or at Verkehrsauskunft Verbundlinie.

For local transportation we recommend the SAM-Sammeltaxi Oststeiermark. (HF5843 Oberneuberg - Masenberg Kernstockhütte)

Masenberg, parking lot
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Find out about maps, hiking brochures and other tour tips at the tourist office. You can also order information material on our website from the comfort of your own home.

Eastern Styria Tourist Office Nature Park Pöllauer valley officeCastle 1, 8225 Pöllau Tel: +43 3335 4210

Rother hiking guide "Oststeiermark - Von den Fischbacher Alpen bis in die Thermenregion", 50 tours, Elisabeth Zienitzer & Silvia Sarcletti paperback, ISBN-10, 376334577 available in bookshops 


What the weather will be like

Vorau (675m)

5 km/h
10 km/h
5 km/h
Showers and persistent rain. Also a chance of thunderstorms towards evening.
5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Unsettled with occasional rain and a long dry phase around noon.
10°C 20°C
9°C 20°C
10°C 21°C
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