Cycling among vines on the East Styrian Roman Wine Route | © TV Oststeiermark | Bernhard Bergmann Cycling among vines on the East Styrian Roman Wine Route | © TV Oststeiermark | Bernhard Bergmann
The longest continuous wine route in Austria

Eastern Styria's Roman Wine Road

Winegrowing in Eastern Styria has a long tradition with a 2000-year history. A 75 km archaeological trail follows Roman times through gently rolling hills, forests and vineyards.

Starting in Gleisdorf, the Roman Wine Road leads through the picturesque hills of Eastern Styria via Hartberg to Bad Waltersdorf. Stop along the adventure roads (also called theme roads) in the garden of Austria and taste your way from wine farm to wine farm. The Buschenschänke with the Styrian Brettljause and the noble drops round off the experience on the Roman Wine Road. This is also a great place for a vacation on a bike or motorcycle.

Feuerritual Urbanus | RENE STRASSER

Annual Urbanus Presentation

On the 2nd of february the cellar doors will open again in Eastern Styria! Visit our winemakers when they present the new URBANUS® once a year at Maria Lichtmess.
On this day the first drops of the URBANUS® decide at a fire ritual in which light the wines may rest in the cellar. Enjoy the colossal resting of Eastern Styria at the 12 participating winemakers and toast with us to a colossally good wine year!

Program for February 2
Picnic at the Posch Winery | Rene Strasser | © Oststeiermark Tourismus, Rene Strasser

Colossal freak out

Where the Romans have already grown and pressed wine more than 2000 years ago, the winegrowers on the East Styrian Roman Wine Route live an actually quite tranquil and relaxed life in the abundance of Eastern Styria. The Romans are gone we thought, but somehow they seem to have survived anyway, because in the East Styrian and the East Styrian obviously opposites collide. 

Hot-bloodedness on the one hand and relaxedness on the other have been part of Eastern Styria and its people since Roman times. Freaking out is culture is and yes, it belongs to the people of the region here to be equally furiously angry and also fully relaxed.

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Curtain up for the East Styrian winegrowers

What does a grape harvest in eastern Styria look like? What does a picnic in the middle of the vineyard look like? And what kind of picture do the hot-blooded, young vintners make on the backs of horses? The start of the Formula 1 season in Spielberg vs. chariot racing in Eastern Styria: Even if it seems otherwise, the following also applies to the Eastern Styrian vintners: Don't drink and drive!

All this and many more impressions of the East Styrian Roman Wine Route - in the middle of the garden of Austria - you can experience in the videos of the YouTube channel of the Adventure Region Eastern Styria.

Stops along the Roman Wine Route

Buschenschank Hofer Toni_view_Eastern Styria | © Buschenschank Hofer Toni
  • open today
  • Stubenberg

Hofer Toni wine tavern

An afternoon full of pleasure
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Winery Wolfgang Lang_house view_East Styria | ©  Weingut Wolfgang Lang
  • open today
  • Feistritztal

Winery Wolfgang Lang

You just have to feel good at the family-run winery - the wonderful view alone speaks for itself.
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Buschenschank Retter Kneissl_Snack_Eastern Styria | © Buschenschank Retter Kneissl
  • Hartberg-Umgebung

Buschenschank winery Retter Kneissl

Quail eggs, Mangalitza woolly pig products and our free-range chickens bring that certain something!
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Buschenschank Singer_wine drink_Eastern Styria | © Buschenschank Singer
  • Hartberg

Buschenschank Singer

Tasty traditional specialties and wines from our own production
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Buschenschank Kogler_House_Eastern Styria | © Buschenschank Kogler
  • open today
  • Pöllau

Buschenschank Kogler

If you would like to enjoy culinary delicacies and fine wines from the wine cellar, then you have come to the right...
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Moser_outdoor_Eastern Styria | © Moser
  • open today
  • Hartberg-Umgebung

Buschenschank and winery Moser

True to the motto: "Only the best for the guests".
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Buschenschank Kainer_House_Eastern Styria | © Buschenschank Kainer
  • Pöllau

Buschenschank Kainer

The family business Buschenschank Kainer is located in the Pöllauer Tal nature park in Eastern Styria and is known for...
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Buschenschank Muhr_House_Eastern Styria | © Buschenschank Muhr
  • Pöllau

Buschenschank Muhr

The Buschenschank Muhr is a family business in the Pöllauer Tal nature park, which has been run for several...
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Other Stops along the Eastern Styria wine route

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Experience fine wines, traditional culinary art and exciting places of interest from the past and present along Austria’s longest continuous wine route. Eastern Styria’s Roman Wine Road features gently rolling hills with small wooded areas and softly sloping vineyards. This is one of Austria’s oldest cultivated landscapes and among Styria’s best winegrowing regions.

Couple drinking wine on the Eastern Styrian Roman Wine Road | © TV Oststeiermark | die mosbachers
Weinverkostung Römerweinhof Pöltl
Wine tasting at the Römerweinhof Pöltl in Eastern Styria | © TV Oststeiermark | Bernhard Bergmann