Hiking with a view to Dachstein, Neustattalm, Ramsau am Dachstein | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm

Hiking in Styria

Discovering mountains, forests, streams and gardens step by step gives new strength and cleanses the soul. Hiking, enjoying nature, stopping for a bite to eat unhurriedly – that's the best way to discover Styria. The region reveals itself to be very rich in experiences on the countless kilometres of hiking trails: rugged mountains in the north, Europe's largest continuous alpine pasture area in the east, the gentle wine country in the south.

It is the rich diversity of the mountain personalities of Dachstein, Gesäuse or Hochschwab that, on the one hand, inspire with their stories of mountaineering, history, culinary art and the people who shape this landscape. On the other hand, the lovely landscape with its vineyards and apple orchards in the south and east also inspires, where the paths lead to idylically situated wine taverns. Those who would like to experience the magic of nature and the wonderful world of mountains to the full extent should set off on one of the many attractive hiking paths in Styria. This is where most of Austria can be found with 8 out of a total of 10 long-distance hiking trails, which weave one of the densest trail networks in the alpine region.


The most beautiful trip of discovery is the hiking route 'From the Glacier to the Wine'. Marching from sunrise to sunset, from hut to hut through the constantly changing landscape, through gentle alpine pastures and to exciting excursion destinations to the wine country in the south and east of Styria, accompanied by breathtaking vistas.

You Can Stay Here

Accommodation for a memorable hiking holiday. If you are on your feet all day, then you need special care. This is what the hiking hotels specialise in that are located in the most beautiful hiking regions in Styria and offer everything that hikers need: special care for tours and equipment, guided hikes, hiking taxis and much more. And so you can recover after a strenuous day of hiking, the sauna and steam bath are heated up for you and massages are offered before you enjoy Styrian specialities on the delicious menu in the evening.

View to the Dachstein glacier: hiking route "From the glacier to the wine" | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm

From the Glacier to the Wine

From Dachstein on a north-south route to wine country.
The natural, cultural and culinary highlights of Styria can be discovered along the new hiking route that is unrivalled in Europe due to its diversity of landscape: from the mountain personalities of Dachstein and Hochschwab to the thermal springs and health resorts in the south and east. The path connects the glacier on Dachstein with the wine country in the south and east of Styria via a northern and a southern route.

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