Hiking route from the glacier to the wine

From the glacier to the wine

Styria wine country cycling tour

Styria wine country cycling tour

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Winter hiking trails

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Hiking, cycling, mountain biking, playing golf, skiing or cross-country skiing in Styria. This is the experience of landscapes that reflect a contrast between the alpine north near Dachstein, Gesäuse and Hochschwab with mountain lakes, alpine pastures and cabins and the gentle hills around wine, apples and pumpkins in the south.

The landscape is lush and green in the spring: When the vines very carefully begin to grow, apples and daffodils reflect a sea of colours with their blossoms, and the snowmelt transforms gorges into torrential worlds of experience. In summer, the trees take over the important function of providing shade, and cosy cabins await with their delicious homemade products to reward the tired, but happy hikers on their way. In autumn, nature provides everything that it has produced throughout the summer: young wine, chestnuts in wine country, colourful pumpkins and above all: the thousands of colours that the leafy forest offers us through whose foliage the sun breaks. And in winter, Styria places kilometres of ski slopes, cross-country trails and enchanting natural landscapes at the feet of skiiers and snowshoe hikers in its skiing regions, cross-country regions and mountain massifs.

Routing on the hiking route "from the glacier to the wine" at Klöch | © Steiermark Tourismus | ikarus.cc

Styria Provides the Heartbeat

Tourenplanung leicht gemacht
Under the motto "Heartbeat for the World", Austria has the great honour of being the host for the world's largest sports and social event, the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017, for people with intellectual impairments. 3,000 athletes from 110 countries will compete in nine different sports at the venues of Graz, Schladming and Ramsau am Dachstein from 14-25 March. Admission to the competitions is free!