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It almost takes your breath away when you stand high up among the vines, the Klapotetz (wind wheel) plays its wind chimes, and you look down into the valley. Gentle hills, a lush green, colourful forests and flowering vineyards as far as the eye can see. 2,563 hectares of vineyards blend harmoniously into the landscape, forming the largest contiguous winegrowing area in Styria.

And that brings us to the topic: wine. Probably the greatest cultural asset of a region that looks back on a rich and long history. Wine is considered the flagship of southern Styria, but it is far from being the only showpiece product from the south of Austria. It is not for nothing that southern Styria is famous and popular for its culinary delights. Nowhere else can you experience indulgence as beautifully as here in the south of Styria.

Wine Tastings

The rich soils, the mild, Mediterranean climate, the unique sites and the high art of vinification give the southern Styrian wines their famous, rich aromas. But there is also a lot ofhard work behind it. The grapes are mostly still picked by hand because the steep slopes simply do not allow for machines.

Get to know the face behind this great product. In Southern Styria you still have the chance to really philosophise about the wines with the winemaker or the winemaking family themselves.

Picnic in the Vineyard

Spread out the fluffy blanket, put down the bulging picnic basket, take another deep breath and let the view take you away. Take a seat in the middle of the vineyard and absorb this unique ambience. Is there anything better than ending the day with a view of rolling vineyards, a good glass of wine and a delicious snack?

And what is hidden in the picnic basket? Fine specialities, your favourite wine and lots of love; your heart will be happy and your stomach too. Simply enjoy life at an exclusive picnic in one of the many vineyards in Southern Styria.

Indulgence Day Trips

The culinary stronghold of southern Styria has many other great products to discover besides wine. In the numerous productions in southern Styria, visitors have the opportunity to look behind the scenes and also get to know the personalities behind them.

Immerse yourself in a world of joie de vivre and honest enjoyment - culinary delights of which you can be justifiably proud and make unforgettable experiences with people who pour passion into each of their products.

Wine Events

Life is a celebration and wine is the best proof that we should celebrate every day. The famous southern Styrian wine not only shapes the appearance of the surrounding landscape, it is also the figurehead and ambassador of an entire region. Thus, it is also deservedly the focus of numerous festivities in southern Styria.

„To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.“
La Rochefoucauld

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