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    Lakes, river baths and bathing ponds

    Bathing in Nature

    There is nothing better in summer than to cool down on a hot day. It's especially wonderful when you can enjoy it in natural bodies of water, such as the numerous bathing lakes and natural bathing ponds on offer (and there are plenty of them in the south of Austria!).

    Bathing in the oldest river bath in Styria, the Steinerne Wehr, at the Sulmsee in Leibnitz, the natural bathing lake in Gleinstätten, the Wildoner Badesee, in the natural bathing pond in Heiligenkreuz or Oberhaag, the landscape ponds in Gamlitz, as well as at the Planksee in Wagendorf and the gravel ponds in Tillmitsch: you will certainly find it a very special bathing experience for a perfect summer day. Discover a unique & fjord-like mountain lake, the Soboth reservoir, while looking forward to the culinary delights served everywhere. Bathers are pampered in the southern Styrian manner; an all-round package with a complete holiday feeling, directly on the water.

    All lakes, river baths and bathing ponds at a glance

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    Get into the cool water and enjoy a refreshing bathe in a lake. In southern Styria there are many ways to cool off even on a hot day.

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    Sulmsee_Karin Bergmann | © Karin Bergmann
    • Leibnitz

    Badesee Sulmsee

    Lake Sulmsee lies in the heart of southern Styria. It is divided into two basins by a dam - the lake is idyllically...
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    Freibad Schwanberg mit Rutschen | © Christian Freydl
    • Bad Schwanberg

    Freibad Bad Schwanberg

    The outdoor pool area in Bad Schwanberg, which covers more than three hectares, offers a wide range of leisure...
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    DL Freizeit GamsBad total (C) GamsBad | © Gams Bad
    • Deutschlandsberg

    GamsBad sports & leisure facility

    On 4.3 hectares, the leisure and event center "GamsBad" offers variety, relaxation and sports in the midst of the...
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    TVGamlitz/Edi Aldrian | © TVGamlitz/Edi Aldrian
    • open today
    • Gamlitz

    Motorikpark Gamlitz

    The motor skills park built around the Gamlitz landscape ponds is the largest of its kind in Europe with its 41...
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    Beim Naturbadesee Gleinstätten den Sommer genießen | © Weinland Camping
    • Gleinstätten

    Natural swimming lake Gleinstätten - Weinland Camping

    In the middle of the South Styrian wine country is the natural swimming lake Gleinstätten. 12000m² water surface,...
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    Naturbadeteich Kipferlbad | © Naturbadeteich Kipferlbad
    • Pölfing Brunn

    Naturbadeteich Kipferlbad

    The natural swimming pond Kipferlbad is harmoniously embedded in the floodplain landscape on the White Sulm River,...
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    Naturbadeteich Oberhaag | © Naturbadeteich Oberhaag
    • Oberhaag

    Naturbadeteich Oberhaag

    It is a pleasure to relax in the shade of the trees or just let the sun caress you. Water, from time immemorial the...
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    Sprung vom Steg in den Badeteich | © LupiSpuma
    • Stainz

    Recreational facility Rauch-Farm

    There are 2 sand courts available and to relax there is an idyllic natural swimming pond. To recover from the hardships...
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    Stausee Soboth Luftaufnahme | © Stausee Soboth
    • open today
    • Eibiswald

    Reservoir Soboth

    The fjord-like mountain lake enchants with its picturesque appearance and pleasant water temperatures. Fed by two...
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    Steinerne_Wehr | © Steinerne Wehr
    • Leibnitz

    Sulmbad Zum Steinernen Wehr

    The Sulmbad Zur Steinernen Wehr, opened in 1929 and thus the oldest river bath in Styria, is still considered an...
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    Stelzlteich | © Teichsportverein Stelzl
    • open today
    • Stainz

    Teichsportverein Stelzl

    A pond full of possibilities.
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    Badesee Wildon | © Lisi Maier
    • open today
    • Wildon

    Wildon bathing lake

    The Wildon bathing lake extends over an area of about 10 hectares and lies at the feet of the historic town center....
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