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    Want a little action and swimming fun?

    aCTION on the water

    Southern Styria has numerous water activities in store. How about a river trip by canoe, for example? On the Sulm, Mur and also the Raab, the company "Moving Water" offers basic courses, guided tours and the rental of boats and equipment. And there you go: you have the opportunity to explore Southern Styria in a whole new way and enjoy a true sporting experience in nature.

    If that's not action-packed enough for you, you can indulge in wakeboarding or waterskiing at Planksee in Wagendorf. Try out impressive stunts and jumps and feel the summer glide over your skin at full speed. The highly modern 6-mast wakeboard cable system ensures smooth waking. In the Obstacle Park, currently with nine obstacles, wakeboard professionals can really show what they've got. But don't worry, beginners can also try out and learn this popular water sport at any time.

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    Water and action can be wonderfully combined. Southern Styria has great offers for action fans on hot days.

    Water action

    Canoe, SUP or waterski? 

    At Moving Water, you can experience the impressive river landscapes of the Mur, Sulm, Kainach and the Raab, while river hiking with a canoe and exploring southern Styria in an adventurous way. At the Wakepark-Planksee, enthusiastic wakeboarders and water skiing fans get their money's worth. Equipped with a modern facility, you're in the right place to deliver your impressive tricks and jumps at Planksee. There are also courses for beginners! And the trend sport of stand-up paddling has also made it from Hawaii to southern Styria. 

    What do you need? A stable SUP board and a paddle about 2 metres long and you're ready to go. At the Sulmsee in Leibnitz and at the Aldrian See in Tillmitsch, directly at the anchor point, you can not only borrow the necessary equipment, but also receive instruction from professional SUP instructors so that you can be sure to be paddling in the right way. This is how exciting, entertaining and eventful summer in southern Styria can be.


    Moving Water 

    River hiking with open canoes allows you to get to know and appreciate the landscape from a new perspective

    River hiking with canoes

    Fun for young and old

    Off to the pool

    Fun in the water for young and old is offered in the outdoor pools of southern Styria. Equipped with slides and adventure pools for the young and wild, children's pools and playgrounds for the little ones, sports pools for enthusiastic long-distance swimmers and leisurely fun by the poolside, here and there a casual game of beach volleyball or rather a round of table tennis.

    Minigolf is also more than entertaining when your fingers are already wrinkled from all the swimming and you need to get out of the pool. And in between all the hustle and bustle and splashing around, you can also switch off, make yourself comfortable on the spacious sunbathing lawns, let the holiday feeling take effect on you and completely surrender to the summer in southern Styria.

    All outdoor pools and action offers at a glance

    From A-Z 

    Thanks to the wide range of bathing and water sports facilities, southern Styria has truly become a popular stronghold for fun on the water. Not only in the outdoor pools can you experience full water action; if swimming and bathing alone are not enough, there is also fun to be had on open water.

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    Stausee Soboth Luftaufnahme | © Stausee Soboth
    • open today
    • Eibiswald

    Reservoir Soboth

    The fjord-like mountain lake enchants with its picturesque appearance and pleasant water temperatures. Fed by two...
    More Details
    Naturbadeteich Oberhaag | © Naturbadeteich Oberhaag
    • Oberhaag

    Naturbadeteich Oberhaag

    It is a pleasure to relax in the shade of the trees or just let the sun caress you. Water, from time immemorial the...
    More Details
    Mur Pur Bootsfahrten | © Karl Schober
    • Straß in Steiermark

    Mur pur Bootsfahrten

    During the adventure Mur pur, the idyllic and distinctive floodplain landscape of the Mur can be experienced from a...
    More Details
    Wiedehopf im Naturpark Südsteiermark | © Naturpark Südsteiermark
    • open today
    • Leibnitz

    Nature Park Southern Styria

    The Südsteiermark Nature Park borders directly on Slovenia in the south and is characterized by rolling hills and a...
    More Details
    Hallenbad Hotel Kipper | © Schilcherland Steiermark
    • open today
    • Deutschlandsberg

    Hallenbad im Gesundheitshotel

    Hotel Kipper is located in the heart of Bad Gams.
    More Details
    Badesee Wildon | © Lisi Maier
    • open today
    • Wildon

    Wildon bathing lake

    The Wildon bathing lake extends over an area of about 10 hectares and lies at the feet of the historic town center....
    More Details
    Freibad Arnfels
    • Arnfels

    Freibad Arnfels

    More Details
    Mur pur Bootsfahrten 2 | © Karl Schober
    • Straß in Steiermark

    Boating on the Mur

    Experience the idyllic and distinctive alluvial landscapes of the Mur from a completely new perspective. Perfect for...
    More Details
    Steinerne_Wehr | © Steinerne Wehr
    • Leibnitz

    Sulmbad Zum Steinernen Wehr

    The Sulmbad Zur Steinernen Wehr, opened in 1929 and thus the oldest river bath in Styria, is still considered an...
    More Details
    Freibad Schwanberg mit Rutschen | © Christian Freydl
    • Bad Schwanberg

    Freibad Bad Schwanberg

    The outdoor pool area in Bad Schwanberg, which covers more than three hectares, offers a wide range of leisure...
    More Details
    Freibad in Sankt Oswald | © Freibad St. Oswald
    • Eibiswald

    Freibad St. Oswald

    In the highest outdoor pool of the district Deutschlandsberg starts the bathing experience with 1 June!
    More Details
    Bergbad Retznei 2 | © Bergbad Retznei
    • Ehrenhausen an der Weinstraße

    Bergbad Retznei

    More Details