Snack in a typical wine tavern (Buschenschank, wine-growing estate Dreisiebner) in a vineyard in Southern Styria  | © Steiermark Tourismus | Harry Schiffer Snack in a typical wine tavern (Buschenschank, wine-growing estate Dreisiebner) in a vineyard in Southern Styria  | © Steiermark Tourismus | Harry Schiffer
Wine and cosiness

From one rustic wine tavern to the next

Just like the charming southern and eastern regions of Styria are inseparably linked to winemaking, the local wine routes are inseparably linked to rustic wine taverns. During leisurely vineyard strolls, cosy “Buschenschank” wine taverns invite you to drop in and enjoy some regional delicacies.

Good to know: The region’s viniculture prospered during the regency of empress Maria Theresia and Joseph II. It was also Joseph who issued the “Buschenschank decree“ in 1784. This decree allowed small, part-time wine producers to earn something on the side. The positive side effect: The measures not only benefitted the local economy but also the social life in the region’s villages.

Buschenschank Gründl Labuttendorf5 | © Stefan Gründl
  • St. Veit in der Südsteiermark

Weingut-Buschenschank Gründl-Labuttendorf

Winery Buschenschank Gründl: The Gründl Winery in Labuttendorf is a small oasis of well-being that offers excellent...
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  • Fürstenfeld

Buschenschank Urschler

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Blick auf den Brendlhof | © Brendlhof
  • Bad Schwanberg

Buschenschank "Brendlhof"

The Brendlhof is situated above the roofs of Bad Schwanberg in the middle of vineyards and offers a beautiful view of...
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Buschenschank Freiberger_Hausansicht_Oststeiermark | © Buschenschank Freiberger
  • Pöllauberg

Buschenschank Freiberger

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  • Söchau

Buschenschank Mild-Neuherz

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Buschenschank Pichlippi | © Buschenschank Pichlippi
  • Eibiswald

Buschenschank Haring-Pichlippi

Excellent Buschenschank!Highest standards in terms of hygiene and the high quality of our food and wine made it...
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Weingut und Buschenschank Assigal Außenansicht | © Weingut und Buschenschank Assigal
  • Leibnitz

Weingut und Buschenschank Assigal

Experience our winery, our Buschenschank and the beautiful guest rooms directly on the Seggauberg.
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Wein.Gölles, Gewölbekeller | © Gerd Neumann
  • Fehring

Weinbau Buschenschank Gölles

Sitting comfortably on the terrace with a view of the vineyard, enjoying a good glass of wine and a snack. Or perhaps a...
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Buschenschank Kurz | © BS Kurz
  • Klöch

Buschenschank Kurz

Our tavern is located in the middle of the Klöcher vineyards, where you can enjoy the wonderful view and the...
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Heurigen "Zum Stoabocha" | © Tourismusverband Bad Blumau/Nunner Patrick
  • Bad Blumau

Heurigen "Zum Stoabocha"

Cosy Heuriger in the immediate vicinity of the Rogner Bad Blumau. Traditional hot and cold dishes, accompanied by the...
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Weinhof-Buschenschank Thaler | © TVB Bad Waltersdorf
  • Bad Waltersdorf

Weinhof-Buschenschank Fam. Thaler

A special class Buschenschank, unique in Styria. In the middle of vineyards lies this cozy Buschenschank in the style...
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Top-class wine taverns

The wine taverns in Styria’s wine-growing regions are a class of their own. This is proven by the “Ausgezeichnete Buschenschank” (excellent wine tavern) quality seal that underlines the quality of the products served there. Restaurants carrying this quality seal are recognisable by the burgundy rectangular “Ausgezeichnete Buschenschank” logo with white writing.

What guests can expect at these taverns: excellent quality and a vast selection of regional wines and other products. Glass culture, ambiance and the excellent quality and verifiable origin of all ingredients are important aspects at these top-class taverns.

At a wine tavern carrying the quality seal, guests can be sure that they are only served wine from the tavern’s own production and snack specialties made by the vintner family or local producers.

  • Any meat served at these wine taverns is processed on site or supplied by a direct marketer.
  • Fish exclusively comes from Styrian waters.
  • The tavern serves at least 4 Austrian cheeses and 3 types of home-made fruit juices.

By the way: All certified wine taverns also put big smiles on little faces, offering child-friendly snacks and boasting spacious playgrounds.

Styrian Wine Country Cycling Tour: Head to the south

Would you like to explore the Styrian wine country and its three wine-growing areas on two wheels? Then the Styrian Wine Country Cycling Tour might be just the thing for you! The first stage of the tour takes you along the Sausal wine route and the Schilcher wine route, both of them perfect for taking pleasurable breaks. If you want to stay longer, there are many accommodation providers located along the cycling tour.

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