6-Seen-Wanderung Tauplitzalm | © Tourismusverband Ausseerland - Salzkammergut/T. Lamm 6-Seen-Wanderung Tauplitzalm | © Tourismusverband Ausseerland - Salzkammergut/T. Lamm

6-lakes hike on the Tauplitzalm

A break from everyday life? This is possible on the 6-lake hike on the Tauplitzalm. 
The Tauplitzalm with its six mountain lakes is the largest lake plateau in Europe.


In the months of June to mid-August, the variety of flowers is very fascinating. It begins with the snow lily bloom in spring and ends with the alpine bush bloom. Which begins in early to mid-July, depending on snow conditions and weather.


A visit to the Steirerseebankerl is definitely worthwhile. The view of the mountains and the Steirersee is simply magical. Also recommended is a visit to the small mountain church. This is located, not to be overlooked, near the mountain station of the 4-seater chairlift.



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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
14,8 km
4:40 h
410 hm
410 hm
1650 m
Highest point
1445 m
Lowest point

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The journey to Tauplitz is best planned with google.at/maps. From there you can take the 4-seater chairlift to the high plateau.

By car, you can get to the Tauplitzalm from Bad Mitterndorf via the Tauplitzalm Alpine Road (toll).


The 6-lake hike is a dreamlike hike to mountain lakes and huts in one of the most beautiful alpine areas in Europe.


At the beginning of the hike you come to the Krallersee, a dark shimmering moor lake that lies at the foot of the Lawinenstein. Then the path continues to the Großsee, below the Schneiderkogel, and to the romantic Märchensee. Further to the east you hike to the Tauplitzsee.

Shortly before the Steirersee, a detour to the "Steirerseebankerl" is recommended. The magnificent view of the Sturzhahn and the blue-green shimmering Steirersee is impressive. By the way, the Sturzhahn was once the climbing mountain of Heinrich Harrer.

After a short rest, we continue past the Steirersee huts in the direction of Steirersee, which you can hike along the south or north shore (surefootedness required!).The last lake is the Schwarzensee, which is not black at all.

Return to the starting point via meadow paths or the asphalt road on the high plateau.


It is not necessary to hike the whole tour. You have the possibility to shorten the hike at any time.


Strollers and wheelchair users:

Due to the asphalted and gravelled plateau road, short hikes on the Tauplitzalm are also suitable for baby carriages and wheelchairs!


The Tauplitzalm can be reached from Tauplitz with the 4-seater chairlift or from Bad Mitterndorf via the Tauplitzalm Alpine Road.
Anreise mit öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln:
There are plenty of free parking spaces available.
Tourist Office Ausseerland-Salzkammergut
Information office Tauplitz
Tauplitz 70
8982 Bad Mitterndorf
+43 3688 24 46
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What the weather will be like

Bad Mitterndorf (800m)

2 km/h
4 km/h
1 km/h
Mostly cloudy with occasional sunny spells. Light snowfall will start in the afternoon.
5 km/h
4 km/h
2 km/h
Dull throughout the day with frequent, but fairly light snowfall.
-3°C 0°C
-5°C 0°C
-7°C -1°C

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