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3-Castles Hike incl. Stairway to Heaven


The 22 kilometer long, varied circular hiking trail leads through the history of the Formbacherland with the wonderfully preserved castles of Reitenau, Kirchberg and Aichberg.

This hike is a 22 kilometer long signposted circular trail, which, starting from Grafendorf, leads us to all 3 castles in the region (Reitenau, Kirchberg and Aichberg). Signboards with texts and illustrations along the way point us to special places and to the history.

A special feature is the Hammerbründl in Seibersdorf with excellent drinking water to fill up the water reserves and also the adventure and water park at the water body "Kleine Lungitz" near Aichberg Castle - a very varied tour with field, forest, meadow and gorge paths and streams.


Refreshment stops along the route are the Kirchenwirt Gasthaus Koller in Grafendorf, Hösl's Dorfstub'n in Stambach 21 (about a 10-minute walk from Reitenau Castle), the "Villa" in Seibersdorf and the Eichbergerhof in Eichberg.



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Level of difficulty
21,8 km
6:15 h
440 hm
440 hm
583 m
Highest point
378 m
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Grafendorf can be reached via the A2 exit Hartberg and further via the B50 and B54.

You can find detailed information about the journey here.

Start of the approx. 20 km long, signposted tour is the main square in Grafendorf. (or Park & Ride parking lot at the traffic circle on the B54, near the fire department).

- heading south we pass the bus company Gruber to the fire department and past the ADEG market Kogler to Seibersdorf,

- In Seibersdorf we turn right along Reitenaustraße and then left at Hammerwaldbründl to Stambach. Here we come to a Bründl and to the station "Water - Source of Life",

- along the Stambach, over wooden bridges and past resting places, we reach the station "Fememord",

- and continue until we reach the Reitenaustaße at the Waldpension Mara and cross it,

- here we turn right along the road to Grafendorf, and then we turn left at the information board "Land at the border",

- here we follow the Marbach along the information board "Schloss Reitenau" until we reach a staircase, which we climb.

- at the top there is the information board "The repopulation" and we go through meadows and woods to the station "Roman barrows",

- we follow this path. Here you can still see the contours of the tumuli in the forest. We then come to the information board "Roman Period Gravestones",

- Viewpoint: magnificent view of Grafendorf. We continue to the information board "Roman period manors" with a view of the fish pond and in the background we recognize the Kirchberg castle,

- now we pass the fish pond and a peacock volary to the information board "Prehistory and early history" and further into the forest, where we cross the Hartberger Safen,

- Further on we come to the information board "Dangerous round around the Ringkogel" before we cross fields and reach the dirt road which we follow uphill,

- at the information board "Die Sage vom Masenberg" we enter the forest and cross a ditch over a wooden bridge,

- At the edge of the forest you will find the information board "Geological structure". Across a meadow we reach a resting place and the information board "The village of Count Eckbert",

- at the water reservoir we have a great view of Grafendorf

- now we follow the path to Kirchberg Castle where the information board "Castle Kirchberg am Walde" informs us about the history of the castle and the information board "Agricultural and Forestry College" tells us about the school housed in the castle,

- after Kirchberg Castle we come to the information board with the title "The Styrian Farmers' Heaven VI", on the right the forest path called "Himmelsstiege". Over bridges and stairs we cross the Kirchbergbach and climb, past the information board "Der steirische Bauernhimmel V", to Reibersdorf where we come to the information board "Der Steirische Bauernhimmel IV",

- in Reibersdorf there is another information board "Der Koart'nspüler",

- we now cross the railroad tracks and immediately turn right onto the path along the tracks,

- we go along the path. After a left turn we are on the hill between Lungitztal and Lafnitztal and here we can see trenches that remain from the end of World War 2,

- at the White Cross turn right down into the Lungitz Valley, we follow a gravel road to the connecting road Grafendorf train station to Lafnitz,

- go under the B54 and turn right at a crossroads, cross the Lungitzbach on a bridge and go up across the meadow to the railroad line,

- we follow the railroad line and about 500 m later we cross the Lungitzstraße and follow the path to the Hubertuskapelle,

- from the Hubertus chapel we go under the power line and already see Grafendorf. Past a pasture, under the Wechselbundesstraße through, past the former cold storage house we get back to the center of Grafendorf.

This circular route can also be done in several stages. (see "Along the 3 castles hiking trail part 1" and "Along the 3 castles hiking trail part 2).

e.g. Grafendorf train station - trail 13 to the White Cross and the Formbacherlandweg back to the Grafendorf train station.

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More information:

Tourism Association Eastern Styria

Hartberg office

Alleegasse 6

8230 Hartberg

+43 3332 603300 


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What the weather will be like

Grafendorf bei Hartberg (382m)

10 km/h
15 km/h
10 km/h
Dry and partly sunny throughout the day, with cloudy periods from time to time.
10 km/h
10 km/h
5 km/h
The day starts sunny, but will be partly cloudy in the afternoon.
10°C 25°C
11°C 25°C
12°C 22°C
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