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Along the 3 castles hiking trail (part 2)


This 10km-long tour is a partial stage of the 3 castles hiking trail and thus a moderate day hike. If you would like to hike further, then you are welcome to join "Along the 3-Castles Hiking Trail (Part 1)" or hike the entire route "3-Castles Hike incl. Heavenly Staircase".

10 kilometer long signposted circular hiking trail, starting from Eichberg and leading to 1 of 3 castles in the region (Aichberg Castle). Signboards with texts and illustrations along the way point us to special places and to the history. A special feature is the adventure and water park at the water body "Kleine Lungitz" near the castle Aichberg.


Very varied with field, forest, meadow and ravine paths and along streams.


Refreshment stops along the route are in Eichberg the Eichbergerhof.



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Level of difficulty
10,4 km
2:50 h
161 hm
162 hm
582 m
Highest point
431 m
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- in Eichberg we follow the signs to the south and come to a meadow path with a magnificent view back to the castle and the church,

- we come to a road and walk past a tree with a picture of the Virgin Mary, under the power line and follow the signposts along the roads,

- from the ridge we see into the Lafnitz valley, the Hochwechsel and the Niederwechsel,

- we now cross the railroad tracks and immediately turn right onto the path along the tracks,

- we go along the path. After a left turn we are on the hill between Lungitztal and Lafnitztal and here we can see trenches that remain from the end of World War 2,

- at the White Cross we turn right down into the Lungitztal. We follow a gravel path, just before the pedestrian bridge we keep to the right and walk along the Kleiner Lungitzbach through the old railroad underpass. We come to the information boards "Die Fuchsjagt" and the Patritzbild.

- Turn left into the forest over a small hill and a farm we come back to the road and to the information board "Biologischer Landbau". Continue to the wayside shrine Winkler Kreuz where we turn right,

- we follow the road, passing an information stand without a board, further to the information board "Fischwehr". Immediately afterwards, before the bridge over the Lungitzbach, we turn left at the information board "Erdhöhlen und Fluchtgänge" onto the path across the meadow,

- we follow the Lungitzbach upwards and pass the information boards "Die Hausmühlen", "Gemeindegrenze", "Wanderlust II" and "Lungitzbach",

- now we come to a wonderful rest area with a children's playground, picnic tables, adventure and water park as well as the Kneipp path of the senses and the information board "The robber baron as a dragon",

- over the wooden bridge we come to the steep ascent to Eichberg,

- at the top there is the information board "Wanderlust I". We continue to the church of Eichberg with the same information board and the view of the castle of Aichberg,

- the information board "Schloss Aichberg" tells us about the history of the castle. We continue to the village of Eichberg,

By train from Wiener Neustadt (connection Vienna) and Fehring to the train station Grafendorf entrance to the round tour about 200 m away.

Take the bus to Grafendorf Hauptplatz. Timetable information ÖBB

Grafendorf can also be reached from Vienna by bus line 311. Interconnected line

You can also use the service of SAM, a call collecting taxi system. SAM

Eichbergerhof, Eichberg 22, 8234 Rohrbach an der Lafnitz

You can order further information material on the Eastern Styria Adventure Region from the comfort of your own home on our website, or you can obtain it from our offices.


What the weather will be like

Grafendorf bei Hartberg (382m)

0 km/h
5 km/h
10 km/h
Sunny in the morning, but increasingly cloudy during the day. Showers will be possible towards evening.
10 km/h
10 km/h
5 km/h
Early clouds will clear to leave the region with a dry and sunny day.
11°C 21°C
11°C 22°C
12°C 21°C
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