Flowering garden in Eastern Styria | © TV Oststeiermark | Bernhard Bergmann Flowering garden in Eastern Styria | © TV Oststeiermark | Bernhard Bergmann
Routes featuring flowers, apples, castles, wine and music

Adventure roads in Eastern Styria

In the green heart of Austria, Eastern Styria sparkles with its enchanting diversity. Get to know the Eastern Styria region intimately along five different adventure road (also called theme road) and discover your personal favourite road.


Blossom lovers will enjoy an incomparable fragrance experience along the Styrian Flower Road. From the delicate, lovely scent of roses to the grassy bouquet of wild herbs to the sensuous aroma of lilacs, Eastern Styria’s sea of blossoms is a delight for all your senses. The Flower Road takes you to 10 floral villages, offering numerous sights and excursion destinations in addition to a splendid array of flowers. Visit the Pöllauberger pilgrimage church, Vorau Abbey, Kräftereich St. Jakob im Walde or the Festenburg castle, just to name a few.

Styrian apple road

Enjoy breathtaking vistas of orchards with millions of white and pink apple blossoms, welcoming hosts, exciting activity stations and mystic apple men along the Styrian Apple Road. The Apple Blossom Festival is a special event held annually along the Apple Road at the end of April.

Castle Road

Not only for history buffs, magnificent palaces and impressive castles are sure to wow you. Enjoy the unique atmosphere of these structures as you embark on a journey into times long past. Have you always wanted to feel like a prince or damsel in a castle? If so, experiencing the Castle Road with all its facets is an adventure you won’t want to miss!

Eastern Styria's Roman Wine Road

Established and aspiring wine connoisseurs won’t want to miss a trip along Eastern Styria’s Roman Wine Road. Learn all about your favourite wines of Eastern Styria, from lively Welschriesling to the lovely Muskateller. Thank you, Urbanus – a magic potion for us all! Learn the meaning of this saying in reference to URBANUS®, the wine of Eastern Styria’s Roman Wine Road, by visiting the winegrowers along the adventure roads (also called theme roads).


Immerse yourself in the Almenland and Joglland Nature Park region, where folk culture and musical traditions are celebrated in a very special way. The Road of Music acts as a pulsating lifeline, linking countless events, rousing concerts and inspiring training courses and bringing people together.

Experience the Eastern Styria

Discover the variety of the Eastern Styria: Our hosts offering everything from a stay on a working farm to a four-star hotel, traditional events, and a wide variety of excursion destinations along with hiking and cycling trails make for a varied holiday in Austria’s garden.