Hiking route Fohnsdorfer Hütte via Stoxreiter - Touren-Impression #1 | © Weges OG Hiking route Fohnsdorfer Hütte via Stoxreiter - Touren-Impression #1 | © Weges OG

Fohnsdorfer Hütte via Stoxreiter

This hike in the ErlebnisregionMurtal combines the town of Fohnsdorf, the themed trail "In the footsteps of Hödlmoser", the Stoxsreiter snack station and the Fohnsdorfer Hütte in a walkable way.
Numerous hikes can be found on the Gaaler Höhenzug, the local recreation area north of Fohnsdorf. An informative and varied hike can be undertaken along the themed trail "In the footsteps of Hödlmoser", which was opened in 2013. During the hike, you can learn interesting facts from Reinhard P. Gruber's book "Aus dem Leben Hödlmosers" (From the life of Hödlmosers) on the information boards, which were created as part of a project at the HLW Fohnsdorf. The themed trail, the Stoxsreiter snack station (be sure to check opening times beforehand) and the destination - the Fohnsdorfer Hütte - are the highlights of this hike. The Fohnsdorfer Hütte is a refuge run by Naturfreunde Fohnsdorf, which is open at weekends and on public holidays from 1 May to the end of September. This route offers some very beautiful views of the surrounding area, with most of the ascent taking place in the forest. If you want to extend the hike, you can descend to Fohnsdorf via the Hammerleck (see author's tip).



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15,9 km
5:00 h
750 hm
750 hm
1490 m
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From St. Michael in Upper Styria via the Murtal motorway S36 (toll sticker required) to the "Zeltweg-West" exit. Then via Aichdorf to Fohnsdorf (36 km, approx. 25 minutes).

From Judenburg via the Murtal motorway S36 (toll sticker required) to the "Judenburg-Ost" exit and on to Fohnsdorf (10 km, approx. 15 minutes).

At the main square in Fohnsdorf (1), 736 m, we follow the yellow signposts and walk past the church, slightly uphill for approx. 200 m, then turn left into Bergmanngasse. We stay on Bergmanngasse until we reach the Hochwiesenweg junction. Continue straight ahead along Auerlingstraße until you reach the Sonnenweg junction, where you turn right and continue slightly uphill. Immediately afterwards we see the trail markings and the entrance (2), 773 m, to the long-distance hiking trail 08. We turn right, walk a few metres along the asphalt road and then turn left through a wooden gate. Along the meadow and further on through the populated area we come to the beginning of the Dietersdorfergraben and thus to a hiking trail junction. Here we turn left and immediately right again slightly uphill, following the tarmac road through the populated area of Dietersdorf and directly reaching the start of the path in the direction of the themed trail "In the footsteps of Hödlmoser". We always orientate ourselves along trail number 989 and walk uphill through the forest and then across a meadow to the Barbara Chapel (3), 899 m, and thus to the start of the themed trail. The first information board or entrance board is only a few metres away.  This is followed by a beautiful section through the forest along a hollow path. We pass several information boards, reach a forest road and follow it to the left. At the "Zu guter Letzt" information board, we turn right and follow the path to the Stoxsreiter snack station (4), 1007 metres. We walk right past the buildings and come to a wide gravel road, which we now follow uphill for just over 2 kilometres. At a forest road junction on the left - clearly recognisable by yellow signposts - we see the start of the path towards Fohnsdorfer Hütte. This is followed by a steeper section, mainly through the forest, with some beautiful views in between. We cross a forest road, but more or less always stay in an uphill line and soon reach our destination - the Fohnsdorfer Hütte (5), 1490 metres. The way back is via the ascent route.
If you would like to do a circular hike, you can continue from the Fohnsdorfer Hütte over the ridge towards Hammerleck and descend via the vlg. Gstättner farm and descend to Fohnsdorf Tour 2a.
Fohnsdorf is easy to reach by bus. The nearest railway stations are Judenburg, Zeltweg and Knittelfeld.

General information about public transport in the region: www.verbundlinie.at 

Murtal Taxi, Tel.: +43 660 1018101, 8740 Zeltweg, www.murtal-taxi.at

Fohnsdorf sports ground
Erlebnisregion Murtal

Hotel Restaurant Perschler, Tel.: +43 3573 34204, 8753 Rattenberg, Landstraße 14, www.gasthof-perschler.at 

Landhaus Wilhelmer, Tel.: +43 3577 22631, 8753 Aichdorf, Bundesstraße 19, www.wilhelmer.net 

Gasthof Moser, Tel.: +43 3573 21470, 8753 Fohnsdorf, Grazerstraße 3, www.gasthaus-moser.eu 

Cafe Restaurant Engelhardt, Tel.: +43 3573 4880, 8753 Fohnsdorf, Hauptplatz 9, www.engelhardt-fohnsdorf.at 

Hotel Restaurant Schloss Gabelhofen, Tel.: +43 3573 5555-0, 8753 Hetzendorf, Schlossgasse 54, www.gabelhofen.at 

Gasthaus Pizzeria Zum Kerzenschein, Tel.: +43 3573 20172, 8753 Hetzendorf, Judenburgerstraße 29, www.zumkerzenschein.at 

Pizzeria La Rosa, Tel.: +43 3573 27548, 8753 Fohnsdorf, Hauptstraße 14, Facebook-Seite

Pizzaservice Milano, Tel.: +43 3573 21996, 8753 Fohnsdorf, Hauptplatz 6, www.milano-pizzaservice.at 

Hauptplatztreff, Tel.: +43 3573 677 63691968, 8753 Fohnsdorf, Hauptstraße 1

Postwirt, Tel.: +43 3573 2135, 8753 Fohnsdorf, Landstraße 17

Stoxi’s Mostschänke, Tel.: +43 3573 3554, 8753 Fohnsdorf, Schlapfkogelweg 30

Gasthaus Mooswirt, Tel.: +43 3573 3566, 8753 Fohnsdorf,  Steinemetzgraben 22, www.mooswirt.com 

Bäckerei Cafe Wildbacher, Tel.: +43 3573 2264, 8753 Fohnsdorf, Hauptstraße 32c, Bäckerei Cafe Wildbacher.at

Bäckerei Konditorei Madenberger, Tel.: +43 3573 6034, 8753 Fohnsdorf, Hauptstraße 5, madenberger.at

Fleischerei Autischer, Tel.: +43 3573 2359, 8753 Fohnsdorf, Siemensstraße 1, Fleischerei Autischer.at

Petra’s Hofladen, Tel.: +43 6641454064, 8753 Fohnsdorf, Hauptstraße 1

Dorfladen, Tel.: +43 664 88414843, 8753 Fohnsdorf, Hauptplatz 1A, dorfladen-fohnsdorf.at

Freytag & Berndt (2017): Seetaler Alpen, Seckauer Alpen, Judenburg, Knittelfeld. WK 212 Wander-, Rad-, Freizeitkarte; 1 : 50 000 C. und M. Hlatky, (2017): Murtal – Rund um Spielberg – Seetaler Alpen und Seckauer Alpen. Kral Verlag, S. 160


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Fohnsdorf (738m)

0 km/h
slightly cloudy
5 km/h
5 km/h
Fairly sunny with scattered clouds. Showers will be possible towards evening.
slightly cloudy
0 km/h
slightly cloudy
10 km/h
very sunny
10 km/h
Early clouds will clear to leave the region with a dry and sunny day.
11°C 24°C
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