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take a BIKE

Cycling is a passion that we share with our visitors. Strike out across the flat valley through which the Murradweg runs, up in the mountains (ideal for mountain biking) or along the numerous side roads used mainly by racing cyclists.

Forget the hike, take a bike
In the Murtal, tranquil cycling tours in unspoiled nature alternate with speed-charged mountain bike experiences. Take a leisurely ride along the Murradweg trail and admire the beauty of the Mur river wetlands. The water babbles soothingly beside you, and fortunately the trail runs gently downhill for most of the way. Or how about planning your own individual tour using the Nimm´s Radl cycling network. This orientation and guidance system covers the entire Region Murtal like a spider's web, so you can travel comfortably from point to point, depending on your fitness levels and how the mood takes you.

Tour planning made easy

on tour

As part of the "Nimms’s Radl" (Take a Bike) project, a network of cycling nodes has been set up across the entire region. As a visitor, you therefore have the opportunity to plan out as many tours as you want using the cycling node system for orientation. All over the Murtal, you'll see boards displaying your map sections, so you'll always know exactly where you are and where you can cycle to. Larger crossroads are all numbered and also marked as nodes. This system thus offers you the chance to decide your own cycling routes, flexibly and spontaneously.

THE Murradweg

The Murtal offers the ideal opportunity for a cycling holiday. One particularly well-known trail is the Murradweg. This runs along the river Mur, thus snaking through the Murtal for a while. In total, the Murradweg runs for 359 km in Austria. Stage 04 is located in the Murtal. Enjoy pedalling along this renowned trail and make the most of the chance to get to know both the Murtal and its unspoiled natural landscapes a bit better.

Mountain Biking

The beautiful mountain kingdoms and well-maintained routes invite you to take a wonderful mountain bike tour with idyllic views and remarkable viewing points. There are many different mountain bike tours available. We've got everything from sporty short tours to densely wooded tours to eventful circular tours, so you can explore the Murtal away from the traffic. So discover the most charming routes and spots in the region, and enjoy the serenity of nature.

Rental Bikes

Discover the Murtal on two wheels! City bikes, mountain bikes & e-bikes are waiting in the region for residents & visitors. The bikes can be picked up from municipalities, restaurants and hotels.

Experience cycling in a new way! Get going now!