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If you are in our region, you absolutely must try our very special specialities and perhaps take them home with you. The region offers extraordinary products that can only be found here in this form.

Whether Murtaler Steirerkäs, Kühbrein cider, Seckauer Lebkuchen, Kernöl, Thalheim beers and juices or numerous Swiss stone pine products (from Swiss stone pine schnapps to Zirup). The Murtal promises very special culinary delicacies.

Here you will find a selection of our specialities and where you can get them. However, you can also find most of the products in our restaurants. They use local produce and can therefore offer typical regional dishes of a particularly high quality on their menus.

Murtaler Steirerkäse

Murtaler Steirerkäse is very typical of our region and characterises the region's culinary offerings in many different forms!

Murtaler Steirerkäse is a firm cooked cheese that was originally produced by many farms for their own consumption.

seckauer lebkuchen

Gingerbread is a year-round tradition in the region. Gingerbread has always been taken by pilgrims on their long journeys as food. The sweet temptations are produced all year round. Take your time and immerse yourself in the world of almonds, nuts, honey, cinnamon and chocolate.

A visit to Seckau is inevitably linked with a visit to the Regner confectionery, the home of gingerbread. It's not just at Christmas time that it smells of cinnamon and sugar. You will be amazed at how large the selection of gingerbread is.

Kühbrein cider

Cider is currently experiencing a renaissance. Once known as a farmer's drink, cider is now enjoying increasing popularity thanks to state-of-the-art cellar and processing techniques.

The Kühbrein farm is located in the Upper Styrian Murtal at just under 900 metres above sea level. Not the typical conditions for fruit growing and yet a special cider is produced here. The organic farm has always had a soft spot for cider.


Did you know that Swiss stone pine can lower the heart rate and thus ensure a more relaxed, deeper sleep? Have you ever drunk Swiss stone pine? Or eaten Swiss stone pine? NO - then it's high time you did!

Swiss stone pine invites you to savour it. In the Mur Valley you can taste, smell and feel this natural wonder. Some providers in the region have specialised in the miracle of the stone pine. How about a tangy Prosecco with Zirup as an aperitif? Or Swiss stone pine jelly as a delicacy with cheese? For dessert, let yourself be tempted by sweet, chocolatey sins. And what would a meal on the mountain pasture be without a Swiss stone pine schnapps afterwards? But Swiss stone pine is not only a real treat for the palate, it is also good for body and soul.

The popular products are available from many suppliers in the region.

Edle Tropfen

Numerous fine wines are produced in the Mur Valley, Kühbrein cider and cider are made from the region's old apple tree varieties and a special beer is brewed from the healing waters in Thalheim.

Many farmers distil very special schnapps or make liqueurs, and fine schnapps are even distilled in the cellars of Seckau Abbey, which can be bought in the monastery shop - or you can attend your own schnapps distilling course in the monastery and learn about the tradition of schnapps distilling. In the Mur Valley, you will find Swiss stone pine in particular - whether in Swiss stone pine schnapps, Swiss stone pine gin or even Swiss stone pine beer. A region of its own has developed here around the theme of the stone pine and there is now more than just high-proof schnapps from the stone pine tree.

Take the opportunity to enjoy these fine spirits in our catering establishments or directly from the local producers during a tasting session.


The green or black gold pumpkin seed oil from Styria is not only a highlight in terms of flavour, but also contains many vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The high proportion of antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids speaks in favour of this good oil. Our regional companies process pumpkin seeds from their own farms. So you get a genuine pumpkin seed oil from the heart of green Styria.

Where can I get genuine pumpkin seed oil from the farmer?

You can buy the pumpkin seed oils from our producers in our farm shops, in the small shops in our region and in some cases from the producers themselves.

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