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cities and PLACES in the murtal

The Murtal is made up of 20 beautiful municipalities. Starting from Hohentauern, where the sky feels close enough to touch, you'll reach the Pölstal and the Pusterwald, where you can try your hand at gold panning. Crossing through Pöls-Oberkurzheim, you'll come to the so-called Urtal ("primeval valley"). Here, in Unzmarkt, you can marvel at the legendary Frauenburg Castle. In St. Georgen, watch out for dwarves, princes and witches in the Märchenwald (fairy tale forest), while in St. Peter cuddly alpacas accompany you on your next hiking tour. Enjoy the Mediterranean flair of the historical town of Judenburg, and drift away into distant galaxies in the world's highest planetarium. Breathe in the scent of pine trees in Weißkirchen and be inspired by glittering gemstones. The fresh zingy aroma of pines will also be with you on your walks in and around Obdach.

After all this, it's time to relax at the Aqualux Therme in Fohnsdorf. Zeltweg will take you up to lofty heights. The famous Hinterstoisser Airport is a hotspot for air power. Things get racy in Spielberg. Renowned for the Red Bull Ring, which is located here, this municipality is the beating heart of Austria's international motorsport scene. Knittelfeld, known as the "railway town", is more on the tranquil side. Your journey continues through the rural idyll of Kobenz and on to Seckau with its imposing abbey. Crossing the mountains, you'll come to Gaal, which is never far from the spotlight for its sporting activities. In St. Marein, nestled at the foot of the Seckau Alps, you can experience nature at its purest. So too in St. Margarethen, where you'll feel free as a bird as you walk above the treetops on the Wipfelwanderweg (Treetop Trail). You see, there's never a dull moment in the Murtal, because every spot has its own special attractions and its own unique charm.  

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