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A multi-faceted mountain kingdom stretches all around the Murtal


Discover the remarkable Murtal and enjoy the legendary views in unspoiled nature.

Hiking is to the Murtal what air is to breathing. Whether on challenging mountain tours or leisurely walks, summiteers and peace-seekers will get just what they've been dreaming of. A hiking holiday in the Murtal promises a diverse range of experiences for mountain climbers, summmiteers and budding mountain goats. Discover the treasures of nature, and feel the sense of time and your heart flutter as you reach the summit cross. The Region Murtal offers many hikes to make your heart beat.

Enjoy nature at its most unspoiled in the heart of Styria. In the Murtal, you'll be filled with wonder at the beauty of nature in all its different facets. Encounter long-forgotten plants and now rare species of wildlife while out on a hike. 92 peaks standing over two thousand metres above sea level await your visit. Feel your heart beat as you reach the summit and marvel at the surrounding vistas with a sense of pride. Crystalline mountain lakes on your trails offer welcome refreshment and invite you to enjoy a well-earned rest.

The Zirbitzkogel stands sovereign over Murtal.

the king of the Murtal

Rising an impressive 2,396 m, it is the highest elevation in the Seetal and Lavantal Alps, and is a magnet for mountain tours with its spectacular views. Climb up through dense spruce forests, later supplanted by larch and Swiss stone pine.

The high-alpine world opens up as an almost flat plateau. Hike past crystalline lakes and roam through unspoiled nature. With any luck, you might spot a marmot or a chamois to accompany you for a little way. One insider's tip is to make the climb just before sunrise. Enjoy breakfast on the summit with a mug of steaming coffee as you watch the vivid red landscape beneath you slowly awaken from its slumber.

The Zirbitzkogel didn't get its name from the "Zirbe" (Swiss stone pine), as might have been assumed, but from the Croatian word "čьrvenica" meaning "red area". When the alpine rose blooms, the land around the Zirbitz blazes in the most beautiful tones of red, pink and purple. The alpine rose blossoms from the end of June to early July, attracting many nature lovers to the Murtal every year. Up here, you'll also find the well-known gentian and medicinal St. John's wort.

Many roads lead to Rome... and many to the Zirbitz in Styria. You can conquer the king of the Murtal from all directions and explore its beauty and extraordinary power. On the peak there's a hearty snack to be savoured in the Schutzhütte (hut); once you're back down, there are various places to sample delicacies at the foot of the mountain, such as the Sabathyhütte or the Winterleitenhütte, which also offer accommodation.

When hosts go hiking

culinary hiking experience

The programme "Wir Wirte Wandern" (Hiking Hosts) offers a very special treat. "Strength in numbers" was the motto of several hosts and inn-keepers in the region. And so the idea was born to combine hiking with culinary delights. Find a hike between 4 and 12 km and get a picnic rucksack filled with warm and cold treats for two people. Crockery, sweet pastries and drinks are also included. Once you've finished your hike, simply hand back your now empty rucksack.