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Styria has many faces - the roundest of them is the pumpkin, or rather the Styrian oil pumpkin. Due to the shell-free seeds, it is a special variety of squash and thus makes for efficient pressing. What comes out of it is the green gold of Styria: the delicious pumpkin seed oil.

Thanks to the sandy, well-aerated soil and the humid and warm climate, the oil pumpkin feels particularly at home in the south of Styria. In the autumn, the Styrian pumpkin farmers are already impatiently waiting to harvest the large round fruit-vegetables and extract the valuable, black-green shimmering oil from them in their presses. The Styrian pumpkin seed oil smells pleasant, tastes nutty and has a dark green colour. Versatile in use, it not only gives the Graz herb salad the Styrian flavour, but also delicacies such as vanilla ice cream, soups or egg dishes too. The seed oil mills in Styria are happy to invite you to tastings and visits. In addition to the seed oil, the sales rooms of the oil specialists also offer snack seeds, pumpkin pestos or even jams. Along the Styrian Oil Trail, there is also the Day of the Open Seed Oil Press as well as the Kürbinarium Weeks where the oil pumpkin is of course the focus.