Tourists try to use a bow and arrow and shoot at a target in the amusement park. | © Schilcherland Steiermark | AdobeStock_266956114 Tourists try to use a bow and arrow and shoot at a target in the amusement park. | © Schilcherland Steiermark | AdobeStock_266956114
Take aim

Archery Course

Bull's eye! Right on target! Through the forest, across meadows, past vineyards and in search of hares, wild boars and many other challengingly positioned 3D targets. The archery courses in southern Styria offer opportunities for the whole family and for beginners of archery to get to know the region in a completely different way.

Archery is a sport of opposites, of tension and relaxation, of concentration and letting go. The tension rises when you feel the pull of the string in your fingertips and lets go when you send the arrow on its journey, hoping to hit the desired target. Just like in life, only this time you can simply let go in a raxing and fun way.


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Bogenparcours Siebernegg | © Bogenparcours Siebernegg
  • Eibiswald

Bogenparcours Siebernegg

Just leave the daily grind behind at the feel-good farm in Siebernegg. With a wide range of leisure activities from...
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Bogenparcours mit 50 3D Tieren | © Der Herkhof
  • open today
  • Deutschlandsberg

Bogenparcours des BSV-Freiland

The Freiland archery course is run by the Freiland Archery Association and is located in a picturesque mountain and...
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Bogenparcours | © KulturWeingut Kästenburg
  • open today
  • Ehrenhausen an der Weinstraße


The 3D archery course of the Strass Archery Club "Zur Kästenburg" in Ratsch 44 in the middle of the South Styrian Wine...
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Bogenschießen | © Weiberhof OG
  • Großklein

Weiberhof | Bogenschießen lernen & trainieren

The Weiberhof is a place of encounter and recreation for women of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles. Vacation for...
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Bogensport | © BSV Rassach
  • Stainz

Bogensportverein Rassach – 3D Spechte

Archery club Rassach  | Our new course is located in a 4.5 hectare wooded area with excellent, challenging terrain....
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Bogenparcours Hub´nfastl | © Ingo Auer | Der KreativKnecht
  • Leutschach an der Weinstraße

Bogenparcours Hub'nfastl

The 3D archery course of the BSC Hub'nfastl is idyllically situated in the vineyards of southern Styria above...
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AdobeStock_172468412 (1)schießstätte
  • Stainz

Schießstätte Stainz

Shooting sports promote concentration to the highest degree and can be practiced by all age groups (children under...
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Anlage Bogenschießen | © TV Südsteiermark - Schützenverein
  • Stainz

Bogensport & Schützenverein Stainz

Section Archery The shooting club Stainz allows archery from the area archery and provides a place for practicing the...
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