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    Ride and dine

    Indulgence in southern Styria

    Be active on holiday without having to forego enjoyment and relaxation? The cycle paths in southern Styria are just the thing. The south of Styria is considered a true "indulgence corner". Whether you are a wine lover or on the trail of pumpkin seed oil along the Styrian "Ölspur", no one in Southern Styria will go home hungry.

    Numerous Buschenschänke (wine taverns) and wineries along the trails warmly welcome you, waiting to spoil you with homemade bread, Styrian pumpkin seed oil, smoked meats, cheese specialities and excellent wines.

    Along the Styrian "Ölspur"

    The Styrian Ölspur (lit. oil trail) cycle path stretches over almost 30 km. It goes through the enchanting natural and cultural landscape of southern Styria, through an oasis of delights and down-to-earth culinary delights.

    Tour Description

    Ride - Indulge - Experience

    The wind on your skin and nature as your constant companion, while you "experience" the breathtaking hilly landscape and culinary delights of southern Styria. Indulgence cycling is an experience for all the senses.

    „Life tastes good here.“

    Be on the move and discover the sunny south of Austria at the same time

    Cycling tours with an indulgent side


    Cycle & E-Bike Rental locations

    Southern Styria allows everyone to have a perfect day on the bike. There are always enough bikes in the many different bike boxes and rental stations, and there are also bikes for children.

    Rental Stations

    Cycle & Indulge

    The thought of a winegrower's salad with Styrian runner beans and pumpkin seed oil, a Brettljause (cold meat and cheese platter), Backhendl (roasted chicken) or a good glass of wine. Make your legs pedal harder and get to your destination: the numerous Buschenschänken (wine taverns), restaurants, inns and wineries invite you to linger. Biking and indulgence belong together in Southern Styria, like the amen to a prayer, and no one goes home hungry, that's for sure. Can there be anything more beautiful?

    Vineyards, meadows and forests and the finest cuisine

    Discover indulgent cycling experiences in southern Styria

    Bike across the hilly landscape of southern Styria, get to know the country and its people and discover enjoyable cycling experiences. Here you will find unique experiences and highlights from the region of southern Styria.