In search of inner peace

Pilgrimage & long distance hiking

Finally out of the usual everyday and back to the simple things in life. Hiking is one of the many ways to leave everyday life and the stress often associated with it.  You'll find something along the southern Styrian pilgrimage and long distance hiking trails that you never knew you were looking for. 

Inner peace, contentment and gratitude brought about by the fascinating scenery and the feeling of "letting go" with every step. Pilgrimage and long-distance walking is calming, it opens the horizon and stimulates new ways of thinking.

„“There is never a pilgrim who returns home without one less prejudice and one new idea.“
Thomas Morus
Length in km
Duration in h
Elevation gain/loss
9 Results
Accessible by public transport
360° Panoramaturm Weingut Garber | © Südsteiermark
Southern Styria challenging Open
Route 221,5 km
Duration 76:00 h

Via Alpina through Styria

Accessible by public transport
Wandern am Koralm-Kristall-Trail | TV Lipizzanerheimat/EU | © Region Graz
Murtal challenging Open
Route 75,6 km
Duration 21:00 h

Koralm Crystal Trail

Accessible by public transport
Am Beginn des Weststeirischen Jakobswegs | Steiermark Tourismus/Schiffer | © TRV Graz / Graz Umgebung
Region Graz challenging Open
Route 149,9 km
Duration 49:00 h

Way of St. James Western Styria from Thal/Graz to Lavamünd/Carinthia

Sommer in der Südsteiermark | © Steiermark Tourismus/Harry Schiffer
Southern Styria medium Open
Route 122,8 km
Duration 35:00 h

Southern Alpine Trail 03 / Border Panorama Trail

Abendstimmung am Jakobsweg | Harry Schiffer | © Steiermark Tourismus
Southern Styria challenging Open
Route 20,2 km
Duration 7:00 h

Stage 8: Way of St. James Western Styria

Accessible by public transport
Der Naturpark Südsteiermark | Harry Schiffer | © Steiermark Tourismus / Harry Schiffer
Ramsau am Dachstein medium Open
Route 370,1 km
Duration 146:30 h

From the Glacier to the Wine - South Route

Basilika Mariazell | Leo Himsl | © (c) Steiermark Tourismus / Leo Himsl
Southern Styria medium Open
Route 227,8 km
Duration 80:00 h

Mariazell Pilgrimage Route 06

Beste Wanderwegmarkierung | Harry Schiffer | © Steiermark Tourismus
Sankt Georgen im Lavanttal medium Open
Route 17,7 km
Duration 6:00 h

Stage 7: Way of St. James Western Styria

Accessible by public transport
Count Meran House | Ute Gurdet | © TV Hochsteiermark
Mariazell challenging Open
Route 257,5 km
Duration 90:00 h

North South Long Distance Trail 05 through Styria

9 Results

From stage 18 to 25 through southern Styria

From Glacier to wine - the south route

382 kilometers on the southern route from Schladming-Dachstein to Rebenland in Leibnitz in the Southern Styria Natural Preserve - and the whole thing in 25 stages, at an average of 15.28 kilometers per day. "From glacier to wine" is the name of this impressive hike, at the beginning of which Bad Radkersburg awaits and at the end - as if as a reward - southern Styria with its seductive landscape and culinary temptations.