Styria as a year-round holiday destination

Tours through Styria

The various tours through the heart of Styria impress holidaymakers no matter the season. The hiking routes include numerous gems such as the "From Glacier to Wine" route, which leads you from the Dachstein region to the Styrian Wine Country. River cycle paths run through nature reserves and small historic towns – among them, the famous Enns cycle path through the alpine north and the Mur cycle path through the Mediterranean south, where we meet the Styrian Wine Country Route. From spring to autumn, visitors can go on an exciting journey to culinary manufactories or experience local art and culture first hand.

Covered in snow, Styria turns into a glittering natural spectacle. The Schladming-Dachstein region welcomes skiers at the Schladming 4-Mountain Ski Area with its countless kilometres of ski runs. If you prefer something a little more relaxed and with a magnificent view of wintry lakes, the Ausseerland-Salzkammergut region offers exactly that. And away from the slopes, excellent cross-country ski trails, high-altitude winter hiking trails and sledging runs ensure plenty of variety.

If you take a closer look and are open to experiencing something new, you will get to know and love the green heart of Austria. The tour portal helps you find the right tour for that:

Length in km
Duration in h
Elevation gain/loss
1432 Results
Schladming Dachstein | © Schladming-Dachstein Tourismusmarketing GmbH
Ramsau am Dachstein challenging Open
Route 41,2 km
Duration 9:49 h

Torlauf (no. 2)

Accessible by public transport
Information point, village of Rohrmoos | Gerhard Pilz | © Gerhard Pilz
Rohrmoos-Untertal easy Open
Route 3,4 km
Duration 1:10 h

The Encounter Walk

Landschaft Gamlitz | Harry Schiffer | © TV Gamlitz
Gamlitz easy Open
Route 10,5 km
Duration 3:30 h

Eckberg - Steinbach - Ratsch, path no. 6

Etappe_09_Bemoostes Totholz_M. Laussamayr | Tourismusverband Gesäuse | © TV Gesäuse
Palfau medium Open
Route 21,9 km
Duration 7:11 h

Lynx Trail - Stage 09 Palfau-Lassing, main route

Sonnenaufgang, Erlebnis am Gipfel | Hermann Rastl | © Ausseerland
Grundlsee medium Closed
Route 4,1 km
Duration 2:15 h

"Woising to the Appelhaus"

Etappe_10_(c)Wildnisgebiet Duerrenstein Oesterreich _ H Glader | Tourismusverband Gesäuse | © TV Gesäuse
Goestling an der Ybbs medium Open
Route 22,5 km
Duration 8:07 h

Lynx Trail - Stage 10 Lassing-Hochreit

Etappe_11_20130702_ybbstalerhuette | Tourismusverband Gesäuse | © TV Gesäuse
Goestling an der Ybbs medium Open
Route 22,6 km
Duration 8:17 h

Lynx Trail - Stage 11 Hochreit-Seehof, with shuttle

Accessible by public transport
Pfarrkirche St. Peter am Kammersberg | Günther Steininger | © Gemeinde St. Peter am Kammersberg
Tauplitz challenging Open
Route 124,6 km
Duration 45:00 h

Salt Trail 09 through Styria

Siebensee | Tourismusverband Gesäuse | © TV Gesäuse
Wildalpen easy Open
Route 5,7 km
Duration 2:29 h


Etappe_11_20130702_ybbstalerhuette | Tourismusverband Gesäuse | © TV Gesäuse
Goestling an der Ybbs medium Open
Route 28,2 km
Duration 9:53 h

Lynx Trail - Stage 11 Hochreit-Seehof, without shuttle

Tourismusverband Schladming-Dachstein | ©
Liezen challenging Open
Route 6,1 km
Duration 7:30 h

Austria-Via Ferrata Sinabell

Accessible by public transport
Stalingradkapelle | Roland Gutwenger | © Tourismusverband Grimming-Donnersbachtal
Schladming-Dachstein medium Open
Route 11,7 km
Duration 4:30 h


Salzaklamm | Fred Lindmoser | © Hochsteiermark
Hochsteiermark medium Open
Route 7,7 km
Duration 2:30 h

Power place Salzaklamm

Accessible by public transport
Tom Lamm | © Ausseerland
Tauplitz medium Closed
Route 5,8 km
Duration 1:30 h

Tauplitz local cross country ski trail

Ardningalm | © Gesäuse - Ardning
Ardning medium Open
Route 8,9 km
Duration 3:15 h

Karleck round

Austriahütte | Tourismusverband Ramsau am Dachstein | © Schladming-Dachstein Tourismusmarketing GmbH
Ramsau am Dachstein medium Open
Route 4,1 km
Duration 2:00 h

Alm Stroll

1432 Results