Größter Klapotetz am Demmerkogel | © Südsteiermark Größter Klapotetz am Demmerkogel | © Südsteiermark

Sausal circular hiking trail K2

This tour leads to the Demmerkogel - the highest elevation in the Sausal at 671 m and past the largest Klapotetz in the world. A varied and panoramic tour around the Sausal.
The name Sausal first appears in a document from 970, in which Emperor Otto I gave the area between the rivers Sulm and Laßnitz to the Archbishopric of Salzburg as a fief. The name "Sausal" is derived from the Latin "Solva silva" (Sulm forest). The place names Kitzeck or Steinriegel are not found in any medieval documents, but some of the cadastral parishes of today's Kitzeck are already mentioned in the land register of the Vizedomamt Leibnitz in 1322. The name Fresing (Katastralgemeinde) is recorded in the Ortsnamenbuch von Steiermark (1893) as one of the oldest villages.



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The tour in numbers

Level of difficulty
18,8 km
6:00 h
771 hm
771 hm
671 m
Highest point
304 m
Lowest point

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Coming from the north, south, east and west on the A9 Pyhrn motorway - exit Leibnitz - continue in the direction of Kaindorf/S - Heimschuh - Kitzeck i.S.
From the starting point turn right, down the valley on the municipal road, turn left after approx. 300 m and continue down the valley towards the Lorenz winery. After about 500 m, turn right through the forest into the Kroisgraben. After crossing the bridge, continue to the right along the Kroisgrabenbach stream until the path leads uphill to the left towards Altenberg. Keep right at the chapel. The route continues up to the Demmerkogel, past the largest Klapotetz to the road. Keep right here and and after 200 m turn right again and follow the road. After the Buschenschank Dietrich, turn left along the vineyard, up into a short section of forest and along the contour line of the Mandlkogel. Shortly before the Panoramahotel Steirerland, turn right and walk downhill through the forest until you reach the local road. Continue left to the main road, cross it and keep to the right. Follow the road for approx. 1 km. At the fork, turn right and follow the path down into the Wellinggraben. Follow the road, then keep left and walk uphill towards Neurath to the Gutjahr wine tavern. Continue left along the path to the Schneeberger wine tavern and the vineyard downhill towards Wellinggraben. Follow the path through the forest and along the municipal roads via Kleingauitsch back to the starting point.


Visit to the 1st Styrian Wine Museum
By train to Kaindorf/ Sulm. or

Continue by taxi to the starting point.
T: 0043 (0)664 886 57 826

Parking spaces are available close to the church or next to the Raiffeisenbank in Kitzeck.
Tourist Office Südsteiermark
Hauptplatz 40
A-8530 Deuschlandsberg

Office Kitzeck Tel.: +43 (0)3456 3500
Office Leibnitz Tel.: +43 (0) 3452 76811 


What the weather will be like

Kitzeck im Sausal (559m)

5 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Dry and bright with plenty of sunshine, clouds will be rare.
5 km/h
10 km/h
5 km/h
The day starts sunny, but will be partly cloudy in the afternoon.
18°C 28°C
18°C 29°C
18°C 30°C

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