Coronavirus: the latest questions and answers

(as of October 11 2021: 9 a.m.)

Welcome to holidays in Steiermark/Styria

Styrian hosts prepared everything in order to enable a safe vacation on the mountains, in the thermal spas, in gastronomy, in cultural institutions, in the city and of course in hotels.

There is no longer any quarantine obligation for citizens of many EU countries. The Ministry of Health wants to orient itself on the EU coronavirus traffic light of the EU health agency ECDC. So the following applies: nothing stands in the way of your holiday in Styria.

Hotels, Restaurants, Museums,... do have a security concept and prevention concept to make you feel safe in your vacation in Styria.

We're exceedingly looking forward to welcoming you in Steiermark/Styria again.

The following measures apply

Briefly the most important thing: If you are either tested, vaccinated or recovered (in Austria this is called the 3-G Rule), the vacation in Steiermark/Styria can begin.

Currently valid: Level 1

Antigen tests are only valid for 24 hours from test collection. 

Everywhere, where a mouth-nose-protection was intended so far (stores and service providers of the daily need, public means of transport, Apothken, banks, post office, museum, library), a FFP2 mask duty applies.

For the unvaccinated, wearing an FFP2 mask is also compulsory in other commerce. Also in cultural institutions (museums, libraries), persons who are neither vaccinated nor recovered must wear an FFP2 mask. For vaccinated persons it is recommended to wear FFP2 mask in the area. 

For concert halls, movie theaters, theaters and other cultural venues with assigned seating, 3G still applies - though self-tests are no longer valid as of Wednesday. 

The "3-G rule" (either vaccinated, tested or recovered) applies to gatherings of 25 or more people. 

Level 2: Occupancy of 300 intensive beds (15% occupancy), seven days after that this goes into effect:

The "2-G rule" applies in nighttime catering (and "similar settings") and at events without assigned seating with more than 500 people, i.e., only vaccinated and recovered people are allowed in.

Antigen tests with self-acceptance ("living room tests") are no longer valid as proof for areas with "3-G rule".

Level 3: Utilization of 400 intensive care beds (20% utilization), seven days after this takes effect: 

In areas with "3-G rule", the antigen test loses its validity entirely. Only vaccinated persons, convalescents and persons with a current PCR test are allowed to enter.

For children
Children are exempt from the mask requirement until the age of six.

Children under the age of twelve are exempt from 3G rules. 


For the coming winter (as of October 6, 2021)


The "3-G rule" (vaccinated, recovered, tested) applies in cable cars, as well as a FFP2 mask obligation for everyone. There are no capacity restrictions. Distance rules have also been lifted. For après-ski, the night catering rules apply.

For catering and hotel business, a "3-G" proof is also required, from stage three of the stage plan (see above), only a PCR test applies when testing.

In addition to the 3G regulation for cable cars, the second phase of the current step-by-step plan introduces a 2G regulation in après-ski (vaccinated and recovered visitors are granted access - omission of testing). That is, in general, the same rules apply to après-ski venues as to night catering.

At the same time, it is necessary to be able to cater to regionally varying corona numbers. Since local conditions, local peculiarities and epidemiological developments can be better overviewed at the municipal level, the municipal competences are extended for this purpose. A bill to this effect was therefore introduced and approved  in the Health Committee:


Green Passport: From now on, the certificate for the Green Passport will be issued only after complete immunization. The certificate will be issued from the day of the 2nd vaccination. The regulations for persons vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson and for recovered and tested remain unchanged.


Attention: The rules for arrival and return are constantly being adapted. Please check regularly on the pages of your responsible authorities. You will find the information on our website under the heading Arrival/Return.


You will find a short Factsheet about the new regulations here.
For your comfort: safety or prevention concepts or safety officers at the hosts are installed. 


Antigen tests

In Austria, guests must take an antigen test in order to enter, for example, a hotel, restaurant or excursion destination. Here is the most important information about this.

Important for overnight stays: If the stay exceeds the validity of the entry test, a self-test must be carried out under supervision on site. 

Testing of guests: In principle, guests only have to present a valid negative test upon arrival at the accommodation facility.

However: If the guest uses further services in the course of his stay in the catering and wellness facilities of the establishment (e.g. breakfast buffet, restaurant, wellness area, sports area, etc.) or the holiday destination, a valid negative test must be presented again in each case after the validity of the entry test has expired.

For this purpose, the large range of test roads, buses and communities should be able to be used.

Antigen tests are 24 h valid.

PCR tests

From now on, free PCR testing is possible in all Styrian test streets and in those 164 Styrian pharmacies that currently already perform antigen testing. 

A negative PCR result is a prerequisite for visiting the night restaurant and now also for arriving/returning from Spain, Cyprus and the Netherlands. It is valid for 72 hours.

Attention: The transmission of the PCR result can take up to 24 hours.  

Here you can see all PCR test possibilities in Styria on a map.

The test offer for guests in Steiermark/Styria

Test sets are available in the businesses or there are many fixed test locations of the province of Styria, pharmacies and the possibility of digital living room self-tests (10 pieces per month with e-card via pharmacies).

No costs for guests: For guests from Austria, there are no costs anywhere, as this service is billed via the e-card. For international guests there are no costs at test roads and communities. When registering via, international guests are requested to enter their hotel address as their home address. For the transmission of results, it is essential to enter this address by e-mail.

Here you can see all test possibilities in Styria on a map.

How does testing work in Styria/Austria? Here is a short video about it. 

Guest registration

Important for e.g. a visit to an inn or excursion destination: A guest registration must be carried out. As a guest, you can already get a digital registration on myVisitPass Styria so that it is easier to register on site.

Here all information about myVisitPass Styria and the digital registration:

Where can I get information for my vacation in Steiermark/Styria?

On you find inspiration, information and holiday packages within just a few clicks. If you need advice just get in touch with us: +43 316 4003.

Let us inspire you: I am Steiermark, or rather, we are happy to answer the questions about what we mean when we think of Styria/Steiermark.

The Styrian hosts are looking forward for your visit in May. For your personal and individual support please contact your booked accomodation or your travel agency. Legal advice is also given by your travel insurance provider.

For further questions to the situation regarding the coronavirus in Austria: Austrian National Tourist Office

Travelling to Steiermark/Styria

People who have been tested, vaccinated or have recovered may enter Austria without quarantine. This will make traveling from abroad to Styria easy again. Exception: risk areas. The Ministry of Health wants to follow the EU coronavirus traffic light of the EU health agency ECDC. For guests from risk areas, the quarantine obligation is to remain in place. 

Current travel conditions for your journey can be found here listed according to the countries of origin of our guests.

Please inform yourself well ahead of time and regularily because conditions may change quickly.

Current changes (as of August 1/2)

Stricter regulations for air travel from the Netherlands, Spain and Cyprus  
From now on, a negative PCR test, proof of full immunity or a medical certificate of recovery must be presented when entering the country by air from the Netherlands, Spain or Cyprus. If you are unable to present such proof, you must register and have a PCR test performed directly at the airport, for example. For entry by land the known 3-G-regulation is still valid. 

Attention when returning to the respective home country, e.g. to Germany: From now on, a negative antigen or PCR test must be able to be presented upon entry. Children under 12 years of age, fully vaccinated or recovered persons are exempt from the regulation. When entering from a virus variant area, vaccinated and recovered persons must also present a negative test. Exceptions apply to cross-border commuters. Here a negative test result must be presented at least once a week. 

For more information: and

Online registration: Digital Pre-Travel-Clearance-Form when entering Austria

Guests who are tested, vaccinated or recovered are allowed to enter Austria without quarantine. Also an online registration before the trip is no longer necessary for guests from e.g. Hungary, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, ... is no longer necessary. This makes traveling from abroad to Styria easier.

The COVID-19 entry regulation basically provides for three categories.

All details about the three categories and the pre-travel-clearance can be found here.

Up-to-date traffic information can be found on:

Oesterreichische Bundesbahnen/National Train System

Airport Graz

"Green Passport" valid throughout the EU and available as an app.

The "Green Passport" includes proof of having received a Corona vaccination (vaccination certificate), having a current negative Corona test (test certificate), or having recovered from Covid-19 (recovery certificate for an infection survived in the last 180 days).
Each "3G" certificate has a unique QR code - this can be used to easily and securely check the certificates when entering, for example, catering establishments, cinemas, theaters, events, spas, etc.

The "Green Passport" has been in force throughout the EU, but country-specific rules must be observed. In Austria, the following applies in particular:
In case of two necessary partial vaccinations (BioNTech/Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca) the vaccination certificate is valid from the 2nd vaccination date, in case of Janssen/Johnson&Johnson the vaccination certificate is valid from the 22nd day after the vaccination date.

For convalescents with partial vaccination, the vaccination certificate is valid from the vaccination date.
The validity of the vaccination certificate is 270 days (9 months).

The digital "Green Passport" is available on the website here for the iOS operating system in the iOS App Store and for Android in the Google Play Store. The app enables storage and secure handling of the EU-compliant certificates with QR code on the smartphone. It facilitates the presentation during a check of 3-G proofs of access and travel. The certificates are not stored in a cloud, as is often the case with app solutions. 

The previous analog proofs within the 3G rules remain valid: proof of vaccination in paper form or with a vaccination card.

Mouth-nose protection

Wearing an FFP2 mask drops, but the mouth-nose protection remains in many places.

Where do I have to wear a mouth-nose protection?
In all shops/markets, in public transport/carpooling, pharmacies, hospitals as well as nursing homes and health resorts and at the doctor.

7 tips to prevent infections 

Protect yourself and others with a few simple hygiene measures: wash or disinfect your hands often | keep your distance | wear an FFP2 mask | do not touch your face with your hands | sneeze into the crook of your arm | do not shake your hands | ventilate rooms regularly.

Procedure in case of symptoms

At the first appearance of Covid19 symptoms, as a guest, please contact the Health Hotline 1450 and your receptionist in the hotel immediately. You must remain in your room until the results of a PCR test are available.

The appropriate health authority will immediately initiate testing (free of charge) and investigations.

You will be asked to record your contacts using a form.

Stay in your room until the test result is available and follow the instructions of the authorities.

If the test for COVID-19 is negative, the measures will be terminated.

If the test is positive:

The quarantine period required by authorities is 10 days. During this time, you may not leave your room or receive private visits. 
Please also keep your distance from the people with whom you share a room. Authorities may monitor compliance with the quarantine.
All recorded contacts will be contacted and alerted.
Hospitalization is only necessary if the illness is severe. 
Whether you are allowed to go home is decided on a case-by-case basis by the authorities or the public health officer.

Who bears the costs of the extended stay, if necessary?    

Provided that the authorities can ensure that the disease is not spread further, quarantine can also take place at the accommodation facility. In such a case, the hotelier is generally entitled to an appropriate fee. 
In such a case, however, the locally competent authority primarily provides suitable accommodation. 

Where do I get current and official information on the virus in Austria?

Information to the spreading of the virus in Austria and all over the world is given on the website of the Austrian Ministry of Health

We wish a beautiful, stimulating, relaxing, heart-refreshing vacation in Steiermark/Styria.

Please stay healthy.

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