Coronavirus: the latest questions and answers

(as of Thu, Sept 22nd 2022: 8 a.m.)

Welcome to your vacation in Steiermark/Styria 

Styrian hosts have prepared for your vacation in the best possible way, so that you as a guest can spend pleasant days in the mountains and thermal spas, in the gastronomy and cultural institutions as well as in the city and of course in the hotel industry. Entry into Austria: No 3G.

No masks are required except for the health sector (e.g. hospitals or medical offices).

The validity of the Covid certificate ("green passport") is extended to twelve months (365 days) for triple vaccinated persons. For convalescents and twice vaccinated persons, this continues to be valid for six months (180 days).

We wish you a wonderful vacation in the Green Heart of Austria.


Entry into Austria: No 3G.

Entry from all countries of the world is again possible without any conditions. :-)

Current travel conditions for your journey.

Up-to-date traffic information can be found on:

Oesterreichische Bundesbahnen/National Train System

Airport Graz



General Information


Covid situation in Austria / Styria 

Ministry of Health of Austria

Covid certificate/"green passport"

The Covid certificate/"green passport" is valid throughout the EU, but country-specific rules must be observed. - The validity of the Covid certificate ("green passport") is extended to twelve months (365 days) for triple vaccinated persons. For convalescents and twice vaccinated persons, this continues to be valid for six months (180 days).

The certificate includes evidence of having received a Corona vaccination (vaccination certificate), having a current negative Corona test (test certificate) or having recovered from Covid-19 (recovery certificate of an infection survived in the last 180 days).
Each "3G" certificate has a unique QR code - this can be used to easily and securely check the certificates when entering, for example, catering establishments, cinemas, theatres, events, baths, etc.

  • The digital covic certificate/"Green Passport" is available as app on the website Ministry of Health. Here one can also find important info on the individual steps as well as the corresponding log-in.
  • The official app for the "Green Passport" is available under the name "Green Passport" (3 G Verification Austria by BRZ GmbH) for the iOS operating system in the iOS App Store and for Android in the Google Play Store. The app enables storage and secure handling of the EU-compliant certificates with QR code on the smartphone. It facilitates the presentation during a check of 3G proofs of access and travel. The certificates are not stored in a cloud, as is often the case with app solutions. You can find more information here.
  • In addition, proof of vaccination is still possible in paper form or with a vaccination card.


Vaccination status

The validity of the Covid certificate ("green passport") is extended to twelve months (365 days) for triple vaccinated persons. For convalescents and twice vaccinated persons, this continues to be valid for six months.

Persons with one vaccination
They do not have a valid vaccination certificate in terms of either the 1G, 2G, or 3G rule. 

Persons with two vaccinations
With all vaccines currently in use, affected individuals with two vaccinations are considered immunized but not boosted. Those who have received Biontech/Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca can get another sting after 4-6 months - this will be the booster. 

Individuals with three vaccinations.
They are generally considered boostered.


Quarantine rules in case of infection 

From 1 August 2022, there will no longer be a quarantine. This means that anyone who does not feel ill can leave the house / accommodation even after a positive Corona test. However, traffic restrictions and entry bans apply:

Traffic restrictions: The FF2 mask must be worn unless you are outdoors and can keep two metres distance.

Entry bans: Hospitals, nursing homes, institutions for the disabled and health spas, childcare facilities, primary schools and after-school care centres must not be entered by infected persons. Large events should also not be visited.

Visiting inns etc. is possible, but only with a mask worn throughout - consumption is expressly not permitted.



A certain contingent of free Corona tests is available in pharmacies:

5 free PCR tests per month (valid for 72 h from test collection).
5 free antigen tests per month (valid for 24 h)

People in vulnerable settings, such as hospitals, nursing homes, or even kindergartens, can get tested more often for free.

There are no costs for guests from Austria anywhere, as this service is billed via the e-card. 

Click here for an overview of all pharmacies (map; in German)


What does 3G / 2.5G / 2G / 2G+ mean?

3G means: fully vaccinated or recovered or tested (PCR or antigen tests apply)
2.5G means: fully vaccinated or recovered or tested (only PCR tests apply)
2G means: fully vaccinated or recovered, tests are not accepted.
2G+ means: fully vaccinated or recovered and additionally PCR tested. If there is evidence that a PCR test is not available, an antigen test will suffice. Individuals who have demonstrably had a Corona infection within the last 90 days do not need a PCR test.


7 additional proposals to prevent infections generally

Protect yourself and others with a few simple hygiene measures: wash or disinfect your hands often | keep your distance | wear an FFP2 mask | do not touch your face with your hands | sneeze into the crook of your arm | do not shake your hands | ventilate rooms regularly.


Procedure in case of symptoms

At the first appearance of Covid19 symptoms, as a guest, please contact the Health Hotline 1450 and your receptionist in the hotel immediately. You must remain in your room until the results of a PCR test are available.

The appropriate health authority will immediately initiate testing (free of charge) and investigations.

You will be asked to record your contacts using a form.

Stay in your room until the test result is available and follow the instructions of the authorities.

If the test for COVID-19 is negative, the measures will be terminated.

If the test is positive:

The quarantine period required by authorities is 10 days. During this time, you may not leave your room or receive private visits. 
Please also keep your distance from the people with whom you share a room. Authorities may monitor compliance with the quarantine.
Hospitalization is only necessary if the illness is severe. 
Whether you are allowed to go home is decided on a case-by-case basis by the authorities or the public health officer.

Who bears the costs of the extended stay, if necessary?    

Provided that the authorities can ensure that the disease is not spread further, quarantine can also take place at the accommodation facility. In such a case, the hotelier is generally entitled to an appropriate fee. 


Where do I get current and official information on the virus in Austria?

Despite the greatest possible care, we cannot guarantee the completeness and the accuracy of the information. Please note that this information is only an excerpt of currently valid regulations relevant for tourism.

Official information to the spreading of the virus in Austria and all over the world is given on the website of the Austrian Ministry of Health

For more information on regulations concerning the coronavirus when vacationing in Austria, please visit Austrian Tourismus Office.




We wish a beautiful, stimulating, relaxing, heart-refreshing vacation in Steiermark/Styria.

Please stay healthy.

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