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Thu., 15/08/2024 from 10:00 o'clock

Gasner Musi-Kirtag

Under the motto "Im Dorf spielt heute die Musi auf" (The music plays in the village today), our guests will be offered something special with Styrian culinary delights and living customs on August 15 in the middle of the "Garden of Austria".

Start is at 10.00 clock with the Styrian harmonica mass and herb consecration in the parish church. The entire village center of Gasen will be closed to traffic and enlivened by musicians, customs demonstrations, culinary delicacies, etc.. The Stoakogler, the Hafendorfer, the Sulmtaler Dirndln & Freunde, the Mounta Musi, the Stoarieser, a children's folk dance group, the Musikverein St. Radegund, and many more. There will also be many highlights, such as the blowing of the traditional tunes, the "Maibaum-Umspielen" with about 100 harmonica students from the Stoanineum, a big raffle, etc.

The Gasner landlords will offer special delicacies and culinary specialties in the entire village area.

Info: +43 3171 20 10

A life for music. THE STOAKOGLERS

Gasen is the home of three brothers who started making music together in the 1960s. Their love for music shaped their lives. With the song "Steirermen san very good" they became world famous. Who does not know this hit of the "Stoakogler". Since 1992, this catchy tune has been played on and off radio stations - the song is also something like the unofficial Styrian anthem. And they are proud of it. Since the "Stoanis" left the stage in 2008, there has been a musical of the same name.
From the mountain farm into the hearts of the fans.
It all began in the sixties in the 20th century. In the time when a new music moved. New sounds dominated and the international music business started its triumphal procession. Three brothers from Eastern Styria, however, did not like the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and the other Rockn'-Roll stars, but took real folk musicians as a model. The popular music group "Das Edler Trio", featuring clarinet, Styrian harmonica and trombone, was a trend-setter for the brothers. Enthused by this way of making music, they adopted this style and refined it to make it known worldwide.
Styrian music
In the center of Gasen is today the "House of Music". On the first floor there is a farm store, handicrafts from the region and a café. On the first and second floor, the Stoani Museum offers a retrospective of her successful work over many decades. From the highlights of her career to much worth knowing about the entire folk music industry in Austria can be seen. Why not feel like Hubert von Goisern or Andreas Gabalier for once? At the Stoanineum you can try your hand yourself. This unique music school offers learning and regular playing of the "Steirsche Harmonika" according to the Michlbauer method. Adults and children learn here not only the harmonica but also the dulcimer, guitar, double bass and various wind instruments. The courses are for all ages (students from 7 to 87 years!) with simple and fast learning methods. In addition to regular lessons, vacation seminars are also offered. It is possible to join or drop out at any time! Also inexpensive rental harmonicas for beginners can be borrowed here. All course dates and further information can be found on the Stoanineum website!

Date and time

Thu., 15/08/2024
Starts at: 10:00 O'clock

Event location

Gasen - Ortszentrum


Naturparkgemeinde Gasen
Dorfplatz 1
8616 Gasen