Hiking route Hilmtor-round, Friedberg - Touren-Impression #1 | © Oststeiermark Tourismus Hiking route Hilmtor-round, Friedberg - Touren-Impression #1 | © Oststeiermark Tourismus

Hilmtor-round, Friedberg

The beauty is in the details - from the historic town of Friedberg to well-tended cultivated areas to the Hilmtor, the former gathering place for grazing animals.

The municipality of Friedberg, which has about 2,600 inhabitants, is located near the border triangle of Styria-Lower Austria-Burgenland and surprises with one of the most beautiful closed medieval main squares in Styria. Through the hike you can get to know the town and its surroundings - across the bear ditch, along meadows and forests, through small villages to a lovingly designed resting place, the Hilmtor at 996 meters. The tour ends at the adventure hill, a playground and recreation area with a great view.



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Level of difficulty
12,3 km
3:30 h
450 hm
450 hm
996 m
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Approach - By car

  • via the Southern Motorway (A2) to the exit Pinggau
  • at the traffic circle 3rd exit
  • along B54 direction Graz/Hartberg
  • along Steinamangerer street
  • turn left onto main square Pinggau
  • follow Grazer street until main square Friedberg

There are inadequate markings at a few crossings in the terrain, otherwise marked throughout.

  • start at the main square in Frieberg
  • follow the Erlebnisberg-Friedberg signs into a narrow lane
  • continue left past the Stadtbeisl until you reach a small square with a fountain
  • now it goes slightly downhill and you reach the access road to the center
  • at the corner there are numerous green signs and also yellow signposts
  • now head in the direction of Bärengraben (trail no. 927)
  • a short stretch along the road slightly uphill and then directly past the back of a former retirement home
  • the attractive footpath through the Bärengraben begins just behind the house
  • follow the path upstream to the Bärenwiese rest area
  • continue uphill a little steeper until you reach the edge of the meadow where the path continues at a leisurely pace
  • at a group of trees there is a red-white-red marking, turn left across the meadow to Schwaighof
  • through the village slightly uphill, turn left at the church and continue to the crossroads at SAM station HF4716
  • turn right and follow the road uphill until you reach the built-up area, where you come to a hiking trail junction
  • continue straight ahead (trail no. 927) past the Panormastüberl
  • to the end of Schwaighof and uphill along the road for a while until the hiking trail continues on a field path on the left
  • continue flat for the time being, then turn right and follow the paths and forest tracks continuously uphill until you reach a farm
  • uphill along the asphalt road and then along a level path to the Hilmtor gate
  • turn right towards Wagnerkreuz through the forest until you reach a house
  • continue on an asphalt road that leads slightly downhill to a crossroads (Wagnerkreuz/Schwaighof)
  • leave the asphalt road and continue left towards Wagnerkreuz until you reach a few houses
  • at the crossroads, turn right downhill
  • after approx. 200 m, turn left across the meadow, you can see the red-white-red marking on the trees in the distance
  • the descent leads across the meadow past the Bartl-cross to the crossroads with the Wagner-cross
  • continue straight ahead on the road, past a few houses and a game reserve
  • until you reach the turn-off to the right at the edge of the forest in the direction of Friedberg
  • the path leads slightly downhill to a farm, keep left there
  • immediately afterwards you reach the adventure hill with children's playground and viewing platform
  • from there it is only a short descent along the edge of the meadow downhill to the center of Friedberg
  • At the end of the hike we recommend a visit to the family-run Pizzeria Gruber, where you can enjoy a Styrian pizza.
  • Or visit the unique Thonet Museum in Friedberg, where bentwood furniture was produced until 2006. (ATTENTION opening hours: Sundays from 14:00 to 16:00 or by telephone arrangement).
For schedules and travel information, contact:

Verbundline Styria: busbahnbim.at

Train: www.oebb.at

For local transportation we recommend SAM-Shared cab Eastern Styria

Attention at the main square is short term parking zone. Please use the parking spaces in Anton-Bauer-Gasse or Kirchenplatz.

Information about the region, places to stop for refreshments and overnight stays, excursion destinations, etc., you can find out:

Eastern Styria Tourist Board

Office herbal region Wechselland

Main square 20, 8240 Friedberg

T: +43 3339/25110-19



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Mobility East Styria with shared cab SAM

Get information at the tourist office about hiking maps, cycling maps and excursion destination maps and other tour tips.

You can also order information material from the comfort of your home on our website.

Tourism Association Eastern Styria

Office herbal region Wechselland

Main square 20, 8240 Friedberg

T: +43 3339/25110-19



Rother Hiking Guide "Eastern Styria - From the Fischbach Alps to the thermal region".

Elisabeth Zienitzer & Silvia Sarcletti Paperback

ISBN-10, 376334577

available in bookshops


GenussCard Steiermark | © Thermen- und Vulkanland Steiermark, Harald Eisenberger

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