Hiking route Tulwitz Round - Touren-Impression #1 | © TVB Oststeiermark Hiking route Tulwitz Round - Touren-Impression #1 | © TVB Oststeiermark

Tulwitz Round

This hike from Fladnitz an der Teichalm up to Rechberg shows how idyllic the "countryside" can be. The Pröllhofer Inn is a cosy place to stop for a bite to eat.
Tulwitz is one of the districts in the new municipality of Fladnitz an der Teichalm. The village is characterised by the beautiful farms that nestle picturesquely against the hills of the Passailer Kessel.

The trail starts in the centre of Fladnitz and leads along meadows, pastures and forests almost up to the Rechberg Pass. From there you have one of the most beautiful views over the Passailer Kessel and the surrounding alpine pastures and peaks. The way back then leads in a large arc through Tulwitzviertl, Egg and Obertulwitz back to Fladnitz.

The Pröllhofer Inn on the top of the Rechberg is a popular inn with a beautiful panoramic terrace, and there are also refreshment stops in the centre of Fladnitz.



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14,2 km
4:30 h
530 hm
530 hm
941 m
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  • We start at the Familienhotel Herbst in the centre of the village, trail no. 4 leads past the school and through a small settlement.
  • On the way out to Schrems, we take the road to the left for a short distance, cross the Schremsbach stream and walk up trail no. 4 to the edge of the forest.
  • There we keep to the left and quickly reach the rest area at the "Buda Kreuz".
  • The path now leads down to the road, which we cross.
  • At the so-called "Blue Cross" we go up through the forest and then down to Reithof.
  • At the crossroads keep left and follow the signs to the "Rechberg".
  • After a few metres we turn left through the farmstead "Gloandl".
  • Now we first go through a wood and then along a meadow to Tulwitzviertel.
  • When we reach the country road, we turn left and walk along the road, passing some beautiful farms and wayside crosses.
  • Follow the sign "Rechberg/GH Pröllhofer" and take a sharp right uphill.
  • The path continues directly through the farmstead, please be careful not to miss the marker (at the barn) on the right uphill!
  • Now you can already see the GH Pröllhofer, which is soon reached.
  • Walk across the car park and under the children's slide through the Pröllhofer Inn and turn left up the field path to Gernt.
  • The marked trail no. 4 (Gernt/Nechnitz) leads up to the trail junction, where we keep to the right.
  • We now walk along the country road, past beautiful farms and always with a view to the highest point of the tour (trail no. 755).
  • At the "Tulwitz-Egg/Fladnitz" junction, we turn left, down to the "Scheibhackl" farmstead.
  • After crossing the municipal road, we walk uphill again a little until we reach the crossroads at the state road ("Wegzenz" farmstead) "Tulwitz/Nechnitz/Fladnitz".
  • We walk a short distance down the main road until trail no. 2 turns off to the right in the direction of "Buder Kreuz".
  • At the fork in the road shortly before the "Buder Kreuz" crossroads, turn left and walk down to the Schrems bridge, cross the municipal road and walk up it a little to the left.
  • Immediately after the two houses, the path leads up to the right and back to the centre of Fladnitz.

Wer "groß" essen möchte, ist am Rechberg im GH Pröllhofer an der richtigen Adresse!

Timetables and travel information can be found at the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) or at www.busbahnbim.at.

Regular buses with the numbers 216 and 206 run between Frohnleiten or Weiz and Fladnitz.

For local transport we recommend the SAM-SammelTaxi.

All info about the journey

In the centre of Fladnitz an der Teichalm
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