Hiking route Bärenrunde St. Kathrein - Brandlucken - Touren-Impression #1 | © Oststeiermark Tourismus Hiking route Bärenrunde St. Kathrein - Brandlucken - Touren-Impression #1 | © Oststeiermark Tourismus

Bärenrunde St. Kathrein - Brandlucken

This leisurely tour connects the multiple award-winning flower village of St. Kathrein with the theater village of Brandlucken.

A mountain village straight out of a picture book: the highly decorated flower village of St. Kathrein am Offenegg is enthroned high on the rock and is visible from afar. Around the village, several destinations can be visited at once, such as the Graf noble distillery or the magnificent Sulamith Garden by Sissy Sichart.

The Bärenrunde starts in the center of the village and leads at the beginning and again at the end along the "Vogelbeer-Panoramaweg" with its resting places and information boards. Partly across meadows, partly through the forest, the trail leads without any major inclines over to the Brandlucken. The first thing you see is the large open-air theater, which is used by the Huab'n Theater for its performances in the summer. Right next to it, inns invite you to stop for a bite to eat.

The way back leads mainly through the forest and past several crossroads down to the "Zeil" road. At the end, you should make a round through the village and enjoy the rich flower decorations.



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13,2 km
4:00 h
390 hm
390 hm
1223 m
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  • from Weiz and Graz via the B64 to the Weizklamm exit, there in the direction of "Sommeralm, Brandlucken, St. Kathrein/O." until Schmied in der Weiz and turn right up there.

To Google Maps for the calculation of the journey.

  • From the parking lot at the Kathreinerhaus we go straight up, following the markings to the "Vogelbeer-Panoramaweg".
  • We walk along the Vogelberr-Weg for a while, past the rest area on the larch meadow and the wooden telescope - to the fork with the signpost in the direction of "Brandlucken".
  • Along the "Karl Schwaiger-Weg" (trail no. 22) we pass the "Karlsplatz" and the "Drei Wetterkreuzen" on the forest path.
  • At the watering hole we turn right (watch out!), along the forest and meadow path we reach the Brandlucken - time for a stop or a break!
  • The way back starts at the "Brandluckner Huab'n", from there we walk along the signposting "Schönes Kreuz/St. Kathrein" (trail no. 761).
  • The forest path goes moderately uphill through the high forest and is still enriched by some information boards of a forest nature trail. At "Rosenplatz" you finally reach the highest point of the tour.
  • The following forest/ridge path now leads past the "Schönen Kreuz" and the "Schlagkreuz".
  • Watch out for the turn-off "Vogelbeer-Panoramaweg" or "Braunhof" or "GHSpreitzhofer" - we are now heading in this direction.
  • We go along the "Vogelbeer-Weg" again and come down above the Edeldestillerie Graf on the asphalt road "Zeil".
  • Now we go along the road in the direction of St. Kathrein, we pass by the GH Braunhof/Spreitzhofer, the turnoff to the Sulamith Garden and the rest stops "Lindenstüberl" and "Panoramahütte".
  • At the "Hufeisen-Panther" we cross the state road, walk across the parking lot of the Htl. Zum Steinhauser and turn left down into the "Duftweg".
  • The "Duftweg" ends at the Htl. WILDer EDER, now we walk along the road again, past the Htl. Schwaiger (or across the Kirchberg) back to the Kathreinerhaus.

In the Hotel WILDer EDER in the center of St. Kathrein, the delicacies of Patisserie World Champion Eveline Wild await all those with a sweet tooth.

There is a bus line from Weiz via St. Kathrein to the Brandlucken.

Train and bus timetable information: www.oebb.at

There are parking spaces at the Kathreinerhaus in the town centre.

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