Hiking route Alm-Runde über Raabursprung, Passail - Touren-Impression #1 | © Oststeiermark Tourismus Hiking route Alm-Runde über Raabursprung, Passail - Touren-Impression #1 | © Oststeiermark Tourismus

Alm-Runde über Raabursprung, Passail

This tour leads from Passail over the "Raabursprung" to the Sommeralm and back again. With great views from the “Siebenkögeln” and the “Ochsenhalt”.

The community of Passail is one of the largest communities in the Almenland Nature Park and, in addition to numerous places to stop for refreshments, also offers other shopping opportunities, many shops and the refreshing swimming lake. The Passailer Kessel is captured between the Schöckl in the south and the Sommeralm in the north. 

The hike starts in the middle of the town center of Passail and initially goes along an asphalt road to the "Raabursprung", at the foot of the Osser. Here you will also find the Waldmühle snack bar and a small parking lot if you want to shorten the first part by car. The path continues over the soft mountain ridges and alpine pastures to the Sommeralm and the “Siebenkögel”. The descent takes place via the Bründlkogel and the Schwarzkogel to the "Hohenauer Ochsenhalt" - where the Styrian Mariazeller long-distance hiking trail also runs. It then goes back to the town center of Passail, where you can enjoy a stop after the hike.



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21,6 km
6:30 h
870 hm
870 hm
1401 m
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Start: Passail parking deck

  • We start at the Passail market square (parking deck next to the Reisinger department store), turn left after the Gasthof Schrenk and follow the signs towards “Raabursprung”.
  • We walk along the asphalt road, after about 5 kilometers we come to a crossroads with a beautifully painted, eye-catching wayside shrine. Here we stay left, along the Raab.
  • After about 1.5 kilometers we reach the Waldmühle snack bar and the official entrance to the "Raabursprung". There is also a small parking lot here if you want to save about 6.5 kilometers from the town center. Tip: the SAM stop "WZ3309 Hohenau - Raabursprung" is also next to the Waldmühle, so you could easily be taken there. 
  • Now go right over a bridge to the Raa origin.
  • We continue hiking steeply uphill through the forest to the open alpine pastures. The “Schwoabauer Cross” is also located here.
  • Here we keep right uphill towards Sommeralm and the “Siebenkögel-Weg” (path no. 45).
  • The path runs quite comfortably over the soft alpine pastures and is marked by red-white-red markings. 
  • A detour to the "Dreiwetterkreuzen auf der Sommeralm" or the "Saukogel" is worth it, here we can enjoy a wonderful alpine panorama.
  • We then come to a gravel road into which we turn right, towards Passail Weg no. 730.
  • We always orient ourselves towards Passail & Ochsenhalt and walk downhill along the road.
  • After a slight climb, the road resembles a meadow path. Here we soon get wonderful views of St. Kathrein am Offenegg, the Weizklamm and the Schöckl. 
  • We reach an intersection (Schmied in der Weiz and Hohenauer Ochsenhalt) and follow the signs to Hohenauer Ochsenhalt. 
  • Here it goes a bit uphill through the forest and across alpine pastures to the hut on the Ochsenhalt (not managed!)
  • Downhill, left before the wooden gate, on the marked hiking trail (No. 730) through the forest to the village of Kriechenlee. This is where the first houses appear 
  • At the crossroads at the crossroads we turn right towards Kriechenlee. We pass an alpaca enclosure and a few houses. 
  • On the hill, near a beautiful cross and some benches, we turn left into the street and pass a large Christmas tree plant. 
  • Before we continue on the asphalt road into the forest, we turn right at the fork into the marked hiking trail. 
  • Always staying on the path through the forest, we pass the Zanschbach bed and breakfast.
  • Here we turn left onto the asphalted road and go back to the town center of Passail.

The Hohenauer Ochsenhalt is a true paradise, especially when it is in bloom. You can find unique orchids here, making it a true natural jewel in the Almenland Nature Park.

Timetables and travel information can be found on the Austrian Federal Railway website or under Transport Information for the Verbundlinie.

​For local transport we recommend the SAM shared taxi East Styria. Please reserve in good time!

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