Hiking route Apfelberg Panorama Trail starting from Knittelfeld - Touren-Impression #1 | © Weges OG Hiking route Apfelberg Panorama Trail starting from Knittelfeld - Touren-Impression #1 | © Weges OG

Apfelberg Panorama Trail starting from Knittelfeld

An easy circular hike with a cozy stop for refreshments and a fantastic view of Knittelfeld and the surrounding area.
Many locals and also guests are familiar with the well-known excursion inn Thalberghof in the Murtal region, but many of them do not know the comfortable hiking trail from the Mur to the inn. Maybe next time you should leave the car in the valley and hike directly from the center in Knittelfeld or from the parking lot Hoffelner to the Thalberghof. The path was created by the initiative and commitment of the Association of Friends of the Apfelberg Advent Singing in cooperation with the municipality of Knittelfeld, the landowners and local entrepreneurs, as well as the province of Styria and the hunting community. Along the way, panoramic panels provide a wonderful overview of the largest inner-Alpine basin in Styria (Judenburg-Knittelfeld Basin, colloquially known as Aichfeld) and the Seckauer Tauern mountains towering behind it to the north and Seetaler Alps to the west. Conclusion: An easy circular hike with great views for the whole family with a cozy stop for refreshments.



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10,0 km
2:45 h
210 hm
210 hm
831 m
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From St. Michael in Obersteiermark via Murtal Schnellstraße S36 (vignette required) to exit "Knittelfeld-Ost"; at the first traffic circle follow the signs to the train station (25 km, approx. 20 minutes).

From Judenburg via the Murtal Schnellstraße S36 (vignette required) to the exit "Knittelfeld-Ost"; continue as above. (22 km, approx. 20 minutes).

At the main square in Knittelfeld (1), 643 m, we orient ourselves by the town pharmacy and the nearby church, which we pass to get onto Esperanto Street. We keep to the right and walk in the direction of Großlobming. Continue along Stubalpenstraße out of town, past the Apfelberg fire station, until we cross the bridge over the Mur. Immediately afterwards we see the Hoffelner Inn (2), 626 m, (parking possibility) on the right side and on the left our further way, which is a gravel road. Passing the dog school, we continue on level ground for a short distance until the gravel road leads us continuously uphill through the forest. In between we pass comfortable resting places with panorama boards and a beautiful view. After we have reached the hill, we come directly to the Thalberghof (3), 803 m, a well-known excursion inn in the Murtal region. Immediately after the Thalberghof we turn right at the crossroads and walk along the road, which rises little. Passing under the high-voltage power line, we come to a rest area with a panoramic panel, before the hiking trail leads downhill after a few meters to the right over a steep slope. In between it gets a bit steeper until we pass the former site of the Apfelberg Advent Singing just before the valley floor. Immediately afterwards we reach the asphalt road and see the Hoffelner Inn (2), 626 m, in front of us again. From now on we follow our already known path.
If you want to extend this tour significantly, you can continue hiking to the Steinplan, Knittelfeld's local mountain. 
The train station Knittelfeld is easy to reach by train and bus.

General information about public transport to the region: www.verbundlinie.at 

Murtal Taxi, Tel.: +43 660 1018101, 8740 Zeltweg, www.murtal-taxi.at 

Parking at the train station

Hoffelner parking lot

Murtal Region www.murtal.at  Freytag & Berndt (2017): Seetaler Alpen, Seckauer Alpen, Judenburg, Knittelfeld. WK 212 Wander-, Rad-, Freizeitkarte; 1 : 50 000

You can also find this tour on the following hiking map:

Region Murtal - Hiking map 1 & 2 - Tour 42b

The hiking maps 1,2&3 - you can get for free at the tourism association Murtal - info@murtal.at  - Tel.: +43 3577 26600

You can also find more information about the region on - www.murtal.at 

C. und M. Hlatky, (2017): Murtal – Rund um Spielberg – Seetaler Alpen und Seckauer Alpen. Kral Verlag, S. 160


What the weather will be like

Knittelfeld (645m)

0 km/h
5 km/h
slightly cloudy
5 km/h
Rainfall will end around noon, then the clouds will break up.
0 km/h
5 km/h
5 km/h
Dry and fair in the early morning, then variable with frequent showers.
10°C 18°C
8°C 21°C
10°C 19°C

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