Deep fried chicken, a Styrian speciality | © Steiermark Tourismus | Tom Lamm


The species-appropriate raising on the herb-rich Styrian meadows and alpine pastures, animal-friendly stables with straw floor stalls, the slow growth and organic feeding make the meat from western Styrian Turopolje pigs, the Weizer mountain lamb, the Almo, the Styrian chicken or the wild game in Styria particularly tender.

The Turopolje pig, threatened with extinction, is bred under organic conditions in western Styria. The meat is excellent and the bacon is delicious. The Weizer mountain lamb is raised in the intact environment of the enjoyment region. The delicate and spicy flavour of the meat is unique. Natural mountain meadows and alpine pastures are the home of the Ennstal lamb and are responsible for the tender meat. The Styrian alpine meadow oxen (also called Almo) are at home on the Teichalm with fresh spring water and succulent meadows. The Almo is the premium and leading product of the Almenland region and is one of the poster children of local gastronomy for a reason. Styria Beef is the premium beef brand of organic Styrian farmers.  The Sulmtaler chicken and the Styrian chicken are at home in Styria. They get to grow up with lots of exercise in the fresh air without the use of hormones, growth accelerators and antibiotics. In the autumn when the Wile Game Weeks get going, excellent game is enjoyed in Styria from the region of Hochschwab or the Gesäuse ("Xeis" in Styria"). The offer ranges from venison, roe deer, chamois, red deer, capercaillie to black grouse.