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A network of hiking paths in the region Thermen- & Vulkanland

On the trails of the volcanoes

The hiking paths leading along the trails of the volcanoes show a human being out in nature. The walks meander through the landscape same as meridians flow through our bodies. "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts" – true to this saying all day hikes relate to each other and offer the unique chance to experience "The trails of the volcanoes" first-hand.

By walking, we can take in the soft, female facets of the volcanic landscape. The steady movement of our feet connects us with nature. Being in step with our surroundings lets us recharge off the outdoors vitality. Our health is nurtured in a holistic way on all levels. The spirit of the region inspires us, and we feel at ease.

Travelers aim at getting to know cultures and areas of living in their entirety. The signposts for the main trails Spiritual Roof, Head Trail, Spinal Column, Hand Trail, Feet Trails and an emblematic Walking Stick lead through the landscape. Starting from the respective village centers loop trails are connected. This holistically interconnected nature’s stimuli present themselves as vitality in the Thermen- und Vulkanland – with more than 600 km of paths linked together.

Walking all along a fire creature

The network of hiking paths stretches from Sinabelkirchen in the North to Mureck and Bad Radkersburg in the South, both cities are connected to Slovenia via bridges. The hikes are consistently marked with yellow signs that show the Vulkanland logo – three hills with the Riegersburg –, the slogan “Auf den Spuren der Vulkane” and the German name of the respective trail. At forks bigger signposts also show the trail number and the walking time to the next junction. At crossings informational boards display maps and let you know that you are on the right track.

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Rathaus und Kirche Feldbach | Gabi Grandl | © Gabi Grandl
Thermen- & Vulkanland challenging Open
Route 27,4 km
Duration 7:30 h

Head track (Kopfspur) - entire length

Start beim Thermenresort Loipersdorf | Gabi Grandl | © Gabi Grandl
Thermen- & Vulkanland medium Open
Route 69,9 km
Duration 18:30 h

Hand track (Handspur) - entire length

Blick zum Steinbruch Klöch | Gabi Grandl | © Gabi Grandl
Thermen- & Vulkanland medium Open
Route 45,5 km
Duration 12:30 h

Backbone (Rückgrat) entire length / Feldbach-Klöch

Rast am Weg | Bernhard Bergmann | © TV Thermen- & Vulkanland
Thermen- & Vulkanland medium Open
Route 64,3 km
Duration 17:15 h

Spiritual roof (Spirituelles Dach) - full length

Sazianiplattform | Gabi Grandl | © Gabi Grandl
Thermen- & Vulkanland medium Open
Route 21,4 km
Duration 6:00 h

Around the middle (Um die Mitte) - entire length

Schiffsmühle Mureck | Gabi Grandl | © Gabi Grandl
Thermen- & Vulkanland medium Open
Route 29,4 km
Duration 7:20 h

Hiking stick (Wanderstab) / St. Stefan-Mureck

Blick vom Murturm | Gabi Grandl | © Gabi Grandl
Thermen- & Vulkanland medium Open
Route 23,8 km
Duration 6:00 h

Right foot track (Rechte Fußspur)

Burgruine Klöch | Gabi Grandl | © Gabi Grandl
Thermen- & Vulkanland easy Open
Route 16,9 km
Duration 4:30 h

Left foot track (Linke Fußspur)

Fire and water

Fire and water are core elements in the region Thermen- und Vulkanland Steiermark. When starting out in the North, hiking paths with volcanic soil are characteristic, while in the southern wetlands of the river Mur the focus is clearly on water.

Basic, but gentle fire power also manifests itself in the cultivated landscape. Many pairs of hardworking hands harvest fruits, maintain places for a rest and keep a small-structured living area alive. Mineral water from regional springs as well as drinking water from the tap connect us internally, while we sense the aether fields along the rivers intuitively.

© Steirisches Vulkanland | Bernhard Bergmann

Vitality and joie de vivre

Starting from the small, straightforward village centers’ thematic loop trails lead to surprising viewpoints into the landscape. Getting into touch with nature is at the forefront of the experience, the focus is on walking. Those, who start out curious and with gusto, will for sure encounter delicacies in specialized grocer’s and warm welcomes on the way.

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Those who like it a bit more leisurely will find what they are looking for in the shorter stages.