Nature Trail Heart track (Herzspur) in Bad Gleichenberg - Touren-Impression #1 | © Weges OG Nature Trail Heart track (Herzspur) in Bad Gleichenberg - Touren-Impression #1 | © Weges OG

Heart track (Herzspur) in Bad Gleichenberg

A hike for couples who not only want to get to know Bad Gleichenberg better, but also their relationship. A popular and well-worn theme trail in southeastern Styria.
The trail itself is a nice way to get to know Bad Gleichenberg and Trautmannsdorf in a hiking way. If you want to hike the Herzspur - Relationship Trail for Couples - as a themed trail, you should pick up the accompanying booklet in the office of the tourism association beforehand. Only with the texts in the booklet the way gets the true meaning as heart trace. The stations along the way invite couples to actively engage with themselves and take them back in thought to the beginning of their love at the double lounger in the spa gardens. The ups and downs in the landscape also make it possible to experience the highs and lows in the relationship. The duration of the hike can vary greatly, since it is not the distance and the difference in altitude that are important here, but the active walking in combination with the 12 stations or exercises. The theme trail "Herzspur" was already opened in June 2009 and is still a popular circular trail in Bad Gleichenberg.



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Level of difficulty
8,6 km
2:30 h
240 hm
240 hm
350 m
Highest point
267 m
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From Graz on the A2, exit Gleisdorf Süd continue on the B68 to Feldbach and then on the B66 to Bad Gleichenberg

From Vienna on the A2, exit Fürstenfeld, continue on the B65 to Ilz, and on the B66 via Feldbach to Bad Gleichenberg

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We start in the middle of the spa park at the double wooden lounger (1), 289 m, and thus at the station "Magic of the beginning". On the asphalt sidewalk we see the red hearts and follow this marking through the park. Shortly after we come to a road, we turn right and pass by the fire station. It goes flat until we keep to the right at an intersection and thus pass tennis courts. Now we cross the busy thoroughfare of Bad Gleichenberg and hike slightly uphill to the station Naschgarten (2), 295 m, with a Styrian Herzerlbank and various shrubs. The trail continues uphill, first on the road and then on a narrow asphalt path. At the end of the trail, continue to the right through the populated area. Once in the forest, the heart trail makes a detour at a crossroads to the Linden Chapel (3), 350 m, where stations 3 and 4 are located. Back at the crossroads, we now branch off to the left and follow the well-marked trail through the forest until we come to a meadow and thus to station 5 "Relationship in Balance". Here is a resting place with a heart-shaped bench, seesaw and a beautiful view of the church of Trautmannsdorf. The path continues a bit through the forest until we come to an asphalt road. Here we continue to the left, past the Buschenschank Leitgeb winery (4), 303 m, to the crossing at the railroad crossing. The heart track leads over a sidewalk to the left downhill to the valley floor and the bridge (5), 272 m.  Past a few houses and up a staircase, we continue hiking to the center of Trautmannsdorf (6), 326 m. After a short round through the center of the village we go downhill, along the footpath, in the direction of Bad Gleichenberg. Following the markings we reach the bottom of the valley again and pass the station "Talking together", slightly uphill. We reach a crossing point we already know and keep to the right. The heart trail leads straight ahead, parallel to the railroad hiking trail, through the forest and downhill through the populated area of Bad Gleichenberg. Finally, we walk past the train station and the technical college, into the center (7), 317 m, and to the office of the tourist board. With the blessing in the parish church we conclude the heart trail.
Those who want to hike the trail actively as "Herzpur - Theme Trail for Couples" should definitely pick up the accompanying booklet at the tourist office beforehand.

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Free parking at the train station in Bad Gleichenberg or in the short term parking zone at the entrance (parking level Andrassy Park) 3 hours free parking.

Bad Gleichenberg train station: Route planner

Andrassy Park: Route planner

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