pool area in the spa of rest Bad Gleichenberg  | © Das Kurhaus Bad Gleichenberg | Verena Kaiser pool area in the spa of rest Bad Gleichenberg  | © Das Kurhaus Bad Gleichenberg | Verena Kaiser
Styria’s formula for happiness for recharging your batteries 

grünkraft sTyria

The holistic goal of Grünkraft Steiermark (Green Power of Styria) is to gain physical and mental wellbeing. This is achieved through natural experiences, with the aid of therapists, hiking guides and yoga teachers, who accompany their guests in the great outdoors and help them replenish their energy stores and boost their vitality 

Regeneration & wellness in the Green Heart:  
Styria is Austria’s premier health and wellness destination. Long before the term ‘wellness’ was on everybody’s lips, the people of Styria in the east were already drawing on the power of the thermal water from the depths of the earth. Today there are nine modern spas scattered across the state (six of which are in the Thermen- und Vulkanland region), each one different from the last. Guests can relax and feel rejuvenated or simply indulge in some bathing fun, just as they wish. Selected wellness and beauty hotels as well as special health hotels supplement the range of services to be found between Bad Aussee and Bad Radkersburg. The wonderful landscapes only heighten the feeling of complete wellbeing. 

Styria’s formula for happiness combines nature, exercise and wellbeing, as epitomised by Grünkraft Steiermark. It is based on the teachings of Hildegard von Bingen, who recognised that the secret to a healthy life lies in nature. Experienced Grünkraft Steiermark guides skilfully help you focus on your own needs, rekindling your zest for life.  

The most stunning faces of Styria – simply let go, slow down, and take a moment. Sounds easy, and it is! Mountains, alpine meadows and forests, vineyard-clad slopes and gardens, thermal and spring water found between the Dachstein and the Weinland region reveal themselves to be places of power, of retreat, and of longing. Experienced Grünkraft Steiermark guides encourage visitors to put themselves first for a while. Just like Styria’s recipe for happiness: Grünkraft Steiermark = natural experiences + encounters with Grünkraft Steiermark guides.  

Water is the source of life

Thermal water, the miracle remedy

Bubbling hot, gently babbling, powerfully bracing. Water – the symbol of the natural cycle – is invigorating in any form: as crystal-clear springs, natural streams, roaring waterfalls or restorative thermal water springing from a depth of up to 3,000 m at the nine spas in Styria. The mineral composition of their waters is as varied as what these Styrian wellbeing experts choose to specialise in. From alpine “rock baths” with mountain vistas to herbal saunas overlooking the vineyards, Grünkraft Steiermark guides come up with some refreshingly imaginative ways to boost your “vital energy” amid the bubbling hot springs. The Vulkania® healing spring occurring at the tranquil Rogner Bad Blumau spa, for example, invigorates the spirits coupled with an energising hike in the midst of glorious nature, while healing yoga sessions are on the programme at the Wellness and Ayurveda Hotel Mandira. 

“Bathing in the waters of the Bad Radkersburg hot spring, which is 36 degrees and has a high mineral content, combined with moderate exercise demonstrably reduces stress levels,” says Heidemarie Felgitsch, a doctor at the Parktherme Bad Radkersburg. Her personal tip: “Get out in nature!”  

Time out and wellness in the adventure region Thermen- & Vulkanland | © Thermen- & Vulkanland | Harald Eisenberger
Cosmetic treatment in Vita med of Parktherme Bad Radkersburg | © Parktherme Bad Radkersburg | Harald Eisenberger
Wellness in the Genusshotel with a view of Riegersburg Castle | © Thermen- & Vulkanland | Harald Eisenberger

Colourful variety

In the sun-dappled regions of Styria, the world is a vibrant blend of colour. Gardens release beguiling scents, while the vines, meadow orchards and fields paint a charming picture that promises pure gourmet indulgence. Eight Styrian Wine Roads criss-cross these idylls, and in the heart of it all Grünkraft Steiermark offers ways to shake off everyday duties and obligations for a while – at the Alten Gehöft am Lormanberg (Old Farmstead holiday apartments), for example, there’s no place for stress and hectic rushing around in its bewitching gardens.