Nature Trail Right hand track (Rechte Handspur) / Bad Gleichenberg-St. Stefan - Touren-Impression #1 | © TV Thermen- & Vulkanland Nature Trail Right hand track (Rechte Handspur) / Bad Gleichenberg-St. Stefan - Touren-Impression #1 | © TV Thermen- & Vulkanland

Right hand track (Rechte Handspur) / Bad Gleichenberg-St. Stefan

The "Rechte Handspur" (Right hand trail) leads from Bad Gleichenberg via Gnas to St. Stefan im Rosental.
In Bad Gleichenberg, the heart and lung centre, the fiery exhalation point of the region is located at the Linden Chapel. Continuing on the right arm, we first encounter the power of art and finally the strong upper arm, whose concentrated power can be felt at the Schlossmoar in Gnas. Further on, the lower arm follows the delicate line of the Gnasbach stream and finally leads via Lichtenegg to the "giving hand" in the Rosental.



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28,9 km
8:00 h
637 hm
558 hm
455 m
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267 m
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From the centre of Bad Gleichenberg we walk through the spa park with its unique tree population and the bark chapel until shortly after the dilapidated Krügelei we branch off from the backbone back onto the hand track. It leads us over the Rudolfskogel with its beautiful view of Bad Gleichenberg and the Sulzbachtal valley to Trautmannsdorf.
Through the very varied landscape with airy meadows and shady forests we reach Poppendorf. The course of the stream leads us through the village before we branch off in the direction of Poppendorf Castle. We meet the Kaskögerlweg, named after the small mountain that can call itself the westernmost volcano in the region. The signs lead us via the Schlossmoar, a very stimulating place that strengthens above all physical resistance via the thymus gland (behind the breastbone), to the centre of the market town of Gnas.
We first walk through the village, then along the Gnasbach stream across the fields to Obergnas. From here, the path leads through the forest to Raffelegg and up the Kochberg with its overwhelming panoramic view of the landscape. This connection with the landscape is also the theme of the station of the 5-Element Path, which deals with the element earth. We now walk leisurely along the hill. We cross the main road and hike to Lichtenegg without any notable ascents, but still with many beautiful views. After crossing the ditch of the Ottersbach, which rises nearby, we finally come to a road where the Handspur meets the Grabenland Trail.
We first follow both trails in the direction of St. Stefan, but then keep a little to the left along the Handspur in order to emerge from the forest at the Marienkapelle chapel. Here a wonderful view of St. Stefan im Rosental and the Saßbach valley opens up! Descending through the vineyard, we reach the centre of the market town of St. Stefan im Rosental in less than half an hour - and thus our destination.
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Bad Gleichenberg (295m)

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