Running in the spa park Bad Gleichenberg | © Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark | Harald Eisenberger Running in the spa park Bad Gleichenberg | © Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark | Harald Eisenberger
The journey is the destination

Running & Nordic walking

You might be exercising for health or you might be a competitive athlete: no matter which, we have numerous excellently signposted jogging trails and Nordic walking routes for you. Soothing warm water relaxes the muscles. What could be pleasanter than letting bubbling thermal waters gently massage your body after a few hours of happy exercise?

With its thermal water, the Thermen- & Vulkanland is considered one of Austria’s healthiest regions. Jogging and Nordic walking are undoubtedly two of the most popular pastimes here, up there with bathing in thermal waters. The number and range of routes is unmatched, and you can also pick from a vast array of sports events. There are several marked jogging and Nordic walking routes of all levels of difficulty set in the vicinity of the spas in Bad Radkersburg, Bad Gleichenberg, Bad Loipersdorf, Bad Blumau and Bad Waltersdorf.

Put your fitness to the test in the fresh air, on paths winding through charming woodlands and meadows. For example, the Thermenresort Loipersdorf makes a great base for four walking routes; one trail even begins directly on site. The lengths of the routes and their levels of difficulty vary. For optimum wellbeing, you should always go walking or jogging with a relaxed mindset and don’t force it. The best sign of a relaxed and therefore healthy workout is when you can chat away with your companion.

Entering new realms

Yearning to get out in the fresh air and marvel at the giant trees? 
Then we recommend the trail through the Bad Gleichenberg spa gardens – starting from the park side of the spa building, the Short Kurpark Trail  (1,560 m in length) is suitable for a relaxed ramble when you’ve got some time to spare, or to warm up/down before or after a more intensive workout. On the way, you have the chance to turn off into the longer Kurpark trail. 

For experienced athletes, the L4 endurance forest trail in Bad Waltersdorf presents quite an incentive. 

The 8.6 km circular route runs largely through forest, on a gravel/sand path. It requires a good level of physical fitness. Some stages climb gently uphill, and were carefully selected for ambitious runners and casual walkers. To challenge your physical and mental fitness, you might want to consider taking the trail a second time around!

Equally popular for jogging and Nordic walking is the Parktherme “Wasserlauf” – a 7.7 km “water trail” that is good for those just starting out in their running careers, as the route has virtually no altitude differences. 

There are a few small refreshment stations where you can stop for a break. The tour leads past delightful fish ponds, through the cool riparian forests of the River Mur in the UNESCO biosphere park, and along the “Muhrlaanen” (separate arms of the Mur) before looping back to the Parktherme Bad Radkersburg.

Weekly meet-ups

If you want to learn about running from the ground up, the weekly meet-ups in Bad Waltersdorf, Bad Blumau, Bad Loipersdorf and Bad Radkersburg are ideal. Everyone is welcome, from beginners to pros.


The running series in the Thermen- & Vulkanland

“Pull your running shoes on, work up a good sweat, and feel great!” This could be a motto of the annual running cup hosted in the Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark.  

The Vulkanland Spring Run kicks things off in Leitersdorf in the Raabtal valley, followed closely by the ORF Radio Styria Run in Bad Waltersdorf, the Bad Blumau Running Festival, and the Fountain Run in Fürstenfeld. Bringing up the rear is the annual Loipersdorf Buschenschank Run, which proves an irresistible challenge with typical Styrian refreshment stops and a wine tavern festival at the finish line. 

Those finishing all five runs can soak their tired muscles in mineral-rich thermal waters, as their starting pack contains a spa admission ticket for every race.

Running at Laufcup Styria | © Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark | Harald Eisenberger
Warm up in the spa park Bad Gleichenberg | © Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark | Harald Eisenberger
Running together motivates incredibly | © Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark | Harald Eisenberger

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