The East Styrian 8-city voucher is a very popular gift as a shopping voucher | © The East Styrian 8-city voucher is a very popular gift as a shopping voucher | ©
8 cities, one coupon and hundreds of stores!

8-cities coupon styria

Shopping in Eastern Styria on a whim? With the East Styrian 8 Cities Voucher this is possible! It opens up a huge wealth of offers for you and invites you to enjoy the unique hospitality and picturesque flair of the East Styrian towns. Experience what it means to be king as a customer and immerse yourself in the East Styrian shopping pleasure!

The 8-city voucher is one of the most versatile redeemable vouchers in Austria. With over 500 partner businesses in the eastern and southeastern Styrian towns, it can be redeemed across all sectors - from trade to services to gastronomy - and is therefore always a suitable gift.

The Oststeirische Städtekooperation consists of the eight towns of Bad Radkersburg, Fehring, Feldbach, Friedberg, Fürstenfeld, Gleisdorf, Hartberg and Weiz. "Die Oststeirische Städtekooperation GmbH" - supported by the eight towns - will further increase regional added value as the joint sponsor of the voucher and is continuing to drive forward digitalization.

The vouchers can not only be purchased locally in the respective tourist offices by adhering to the respective opening hours, for some time now there have also been the high-quality voucher printers in the municipalities of Gleisdorf, Fürstenfeld, Feldbach, the city of Weiz and the region of Fehring and Hartberg. The simple self-service system makes it possible to select the desired voucher amounts on site in a matter of seconds, pay by ATM or credit card and print them out.
So you can get the original 8-city vouchers virtually around the clock!

In addition, there is also the possibility to get hold of the 8-city vouchers online, by selecting the desired voucher values online, noting your own email address and specifying a payment method, the voucher lands in no time in your own mail inbox.

8 cities in the Thermen- & Vulkanland

The 8-city voucher is available or redeemable in these cities in the Thermen- & Vulkanland.

8+ Benefit Club


In order to also give buyers of the 8 Cities Voucher a treat, a new project, the 8+Vorteilsclub, has created the opportunity to collect bonus points with each 8 Cities Voucher and redeem them for attractive benefits at the regional premium partners. To do this, download the 8 Cities Voucher App "8+", register and scan the QR codes of the vouchers.

For every € 10,- 8 Cities Voucher you receive 8 bonus points, for every € 50,- 8 Cities Voucher you receive 40 bonus points credited to your registered account.

For your collected bonus points, you can then pre-book available benefits from the regional premium partners via mobile app and then redeem these benefits at the local business. You can find the currently available benefits on the app.

Reward yourself by purchasing 8 city vouchers, scanning them via mobile app and securing the benefits. Give the 8 Cities vouchers as a gift as usual and make your loved ones happy with them or simply go shopping with them yourself. In over 500 partner businesses in the 8 cities!

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