Yay! Off to the lakeside resort of Riegersburg | © Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark | Harald Eisenberger Yay! Off to the lakeside resort of Riegersburg | © Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark | Harald Eisenberger
Comforting warmth or refreshing coolness?

Water sports

All kinds of water sports have been practised in the Thermen- & Vulkanland region for many years. Swimming is far from being the only activity on the programme: stand-up paddling and canoeing awaken muscles you never knew you had, and spark an urge to jump into the refreshing waters.

Swimming is one of the sports that give you the most buoyancy, at least physically. It’s a healthy pastime that helps keep you slim and fit. Endurance swimmers feel comfortable in their own bodies and find it easier to tackle stresses and strains. The Thermen- und Vulkanland Steiermark offers many options for swimming, for example Austria’s largest outdoor pool, the “Freibad” in Fürstenfeld.

Experiences in the nature

Spanning 23,000m², the pool offers plenty of space for endurance swimmers and mermaids, as well as those who still need their floats.

The striking 10 m diving platform is a magnet for adventurous spirits, while the sports pool gives the athletically-minded the chance to ride the “waves of success”. The outdoor pool also offers amenities such as six new beach volleyball courts, a street basketball court, a mini soccer pitch, a trampoline area, a children’s playground, and much more.

The Röcksee in Mureck is another special bathing experience and holiday destination for those seeking rest and relaxation. Spanning 17 hectares, with an average water temperature of 27 degrees, it offers a lengthy swimming season that lasts well into autumn. Anglers will also be hooked by the separate fishing lake.

With its pure water, an area of some 60,000 m², a sandy beach and a shingle beach, the Siniwelt swimming and leisure complex is bathing heaven for parents and kids. The children’s playground, a small field soccer pitch and two beach volleyball courts only heighten an already excellent range of services.

Excursion destinations

All excursion destinations in the Thermen- & Vulkanland region at a glance!

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Canoe tours

Guided canoe tours on the rivers Mur, Raab, Feistritz or Lafnitz open up entirely new perspectives, introducing you to idyllic landscapes and a relaxed lifestyle. Particularly in the heat of summer, Styria’s rivers are great places to cool down. It’s a bit cooler on the water anyway, and the many trees lining the banks, especially in the lush wetland forests, cast some refreshing shade. Paddle past natural alluvial banks, sunny sand banks and the scenic gems and unspoiled beauty of Southeast Styria. Whether you’re a beginner or an old hand at canoeing, whether in pairs or in groups, there’s something to suit every target group.

You can almost hear a pin drop as you let the current carry you along. There’s a soft rustle on the bank as you glimpse a deer come to quench its thirst, vanishing among the trees. Suddenly the water starts to come alive; you are faced with small rapids as everyone holds on tightly to their paddles. Together you keep the boat steady – the gentle rocking as you tackle the current is fun for everyone. But don’t be scared – an experienced canoe guide will be with you at every stroke of your adventure. When the water grows calm again, everyone is proud of how masterfully they coped with their passage.


Stand-up paddling is a relatively new sport, originating in Hawaii. It has now won devotees in the Thermen- & Vulkanland Steiermark. Regardless of whether you need a little time out, want to banish your stress through some fun, vigorous exercise, or are simply looking for a good summer sport, stand-up paddling comes highly recommended. It’s a great leisure activity, out on rivers or lakes, and it involves a full-body workout too.

Stand-up paddling protects the joints and also rewards paddlers with quick success in building up their coordination and fitness. It carries you unerringly to all corners of a lake or a tranquil river that you would never get to see otherwise.

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Naturschwimmbad Jagerberg | © Marktgemeinde Jagerberg
  • Jagerberg

Naturschwimmbad Jagerberg

A natural swimming pool in Jagerberg that fits harmoniously into the landscape, with two beach volleyball courts,...
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Freibad Neudau | © Marktgemeinde Neudau
  • Neudau

Freibad Neudau

During the summer months, the idyllic, family-friendly swimming pool with a children's pool as well as a non-swimmers'...
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Röcksee 4 | © Robert Sommerauer
  • Mureck

Röcksee - Badesee

The Rock Guesthouse, along with the Röcksee lake, which has been owned by the family for decades, continues to be a...
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  • Fürstenfeld

Beachvolleyballplätze Fürstenfeld

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Freibad Kirchbach-Zerlach | © Marktgemeinde Kirchbach-Zerlach
  • Kirchbach-Zerlach

Freibad Kirchbach-Zerlach

The outdoor pool in Kirchbach-Zerlach provides cooling on hot summer days.
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Stadtgemeinde Feldbach | © Stadtgemeinde Feldbach
  • open today
  • Feldbach

Freibad-Hallenbad Feldbach

Move or relax is the motto in the outdoor and indoor pool in the well-kept leisure center in Feldbach. 
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Freibad Bad Waltersdorf | © Mias Photoart
  • Bad Waltersdorf

Freibad, Beach-Volleyball

Summer, sunshine, off to the outdoor pool - for water rats and sun worshippers. The outdoor pool Bad Waltersdorf offers...
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Freibad | © Marktgemeindeamt Gnas
  • Gnas

Freibad Gnas

In an idyllic location in Burgfried at the entrance to the village coming from Bad Gleichenberg, the swimming pool is...
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Kühles Nass | © Marktgemeinde St. Peter am Ottersbach
  • St. Peter a. Ottersbach

Freizeitanlage St. Peter am Ottersbach

The market town of St. Peter am Ottersbach offers not only an appealing townscape but also a recreational facility that...
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Rosenbad Fehring
  • Fehring

Rosenbad Fehring

In the rose bath Fehring one dips into clear water and the wonderful bloom smell. The excellent water quality and the...
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Freibad Fürstenfeld - Übersicht | © Tourismusverband Fürstenfeld
  • Fürstenfeld

Freibad Fürstenfeld

OUTDOOR SWIMMING POOL FÜRSTENFELDFürstenfeld’s outdoor swimming pool, which has been awarded the Styrian seal of...
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